Fashion Interview : A Chat With Roberta A Whitney CEO Of RAW Talent Worldwide. #Fashion #Fashionblogger #Style

Monday, September 04, 2017

Roberta A.Whitney, an entrepreneur, and model who has associated with celebrity and high society around the world. An experienced model, Roberta has appeared in many internationally acclaimed publications and has a wealth of experience in fashion, beauty and social etiquette. It’s through her experiences that she has developed a unique method for teaching her clients valuable skills through Her Brand "RAW Talent".

What was life like growing up and who is Roberta Whitney?

 I was born in Cape Town, South Africa but grew up in Wentworth, Durban then at 14 years old my parents got divorced and we moved to Johannesburg, where I attended high school. I think that’s the reason I love to travel so much! I was always on the move as a child. I think at her core Roberta Whitney is a woman who aspires to be the best version of herself despite her start in life. 

    You have always worked in beauty. Can you tell me more about your career? 

I started my professional modelling career with top model agency "Models One". I always had a passion for all things beauty related and opened a beauty salon but unfortunately was diagnosed with fibromyalgia which made it difficult to continue. After managing a London private members club and working for Victoria Secret in London in their Angel Suite responsible for the private shopping experience of high net worth and celebrity clients I was head hunted by global beauty technology company PRIV where I held the title of Vice President of Business Development. My main role was to launch the entire London operation which I successfully did. It was then that I decided I was ready for another challenge, so I started my own company RAW Talent.

Who is your inspiration or role model?

My inspiration comes from successful black entrepreneurs like Oprah and Tyra Banks. As far as role models go, I would say Victoria Beckham is a role model to me. I respect her so much, the career she has carved out for herself, her beautiful family and the strength she has to always maintain her class in tough situations.

Talk us through your beauty routine...

At my age, it's very important to remain (super) hydrated. 
My morning routine consists of drinking water almost as soon as I open my eyes. Because strangely enough, water is not my favourite thing to drink!
I then cleanse, tone, serum, moisturize then add sunscreen. 
At night I repeat this process and substitute sunscreen for eye cream and rich night cream.

Tell Us More about your Latest and Upcoming Projects.

RAW Talent is evolving and we are going international. Services are now available in Johannesburg. I am also working on a television show concept which I am very excited about. I promise to give you an exclusive when its ready to launch.

What is R.A.W About? 

RAW Talent is a Premium Image Brand development and Model training company. We provide coaching for both male and female clients of various age groups inspiring “The Art of Social Grace”.
We have created an innovative coaching methodology. Our methods have been developed through years of social and professional experience and studious observance of socio-professional environments. We provide advice and training to aspiring models and give them invaluable practical experience both photographically and also on the runway. Entrepreneurs or people working in the corporate sector who wish to obtain that slight edge against their competition can benefit from a bespoke image coaching service. Sometimes not looking the part is the only thing stopping you from that promotion.

What is your number one beauty secret? 

Be a good human. If you are ugly inside it shines through and no amount of fancy cream will help you! 

If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be? 

You are enough. Believe in yourself. Nothing is impossible. 

who’s the most exciting and inspirational person you have met through your job? What have you gained from meeting them?

I have met so many inspiring people over the years and a different lesson was learned from each. The most important lesson has been, my beginning does not need to determine my end.

What are your future plans for the growth of your brand? 

The brand is about to launch in Johannesburg so my focus is market penetration and creating brand awareness. I will also continue working on my television show.

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