Collaboration : TerraPrime Snail Cream . #BBlogge

💐 "Product Review":Okay so I am Excited to Share one of my top beauty Secrets with you thanks to @terraprimebeauty for sending me this amazing Product #snailcream , If you want to keep your skin smooth, radiant and healthy this season,TerraPrime snail cream will suit you perfectly. I have an oily skin, and I am very picky with what I use on my face , but thanks to @terraprimebeauty "Snail Cream" , It has an effective anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle effect , it also takes care of your blemishes, acne scars and pores. You would be amazed by how remarkably smooth your skin would be.

Snails were first used as a treatment as early as ancient Greece, however they crawled their way into creams and elixirs when farmers who handled them noticed their hands looked younger and smoother. Since then, snails have been used by both – spas and doctors all around the world.


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