About Me

Welcome to my world of Fashion, Beauty, Luxury, Lifestyle, Interior Design, Travel And Spirituality.
On this platform, I would share my life experiences with you to motivate in making decisions in your daily life.

I enjoy the beauty of life, I surround myself with positive Vibes, I am highly spiritual and Open-Minded to all things, I appreciate the world around me and I enjoy sharing the vast knowledge of Life and making a formidable impact in people's lives, I love creating Bespoke items, be it Fashion, Accessories, Decors and even Digital Images.

My gift is to harmonise homes and living environments to your desire and it is my passion to help people Create Room for Success!
I work with the clients teaching them tips on decluttering by organising their homes and lives to create beautifully coordinated interiors and systems that work for them.

I am a spiritual being having a human experience, and many who know me are very aware of my deep understanding of the spiritual realm and divine feminine energy, I have studied and Practiced the Craft for over 10years, I love using my skills and abilities to help others in any way I can, I make oils for different uses and I teach you ways you can upgrade your life and personal space using Feng Shui and Positive Elements. Email me for more information - contact@lindaobella.com

So Stay Tuned and Enjoy.

 L Bella.