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To me: creativity Is intelligence and having fun, It's a known fact that the desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul and this feature is about a queen who listens to her deepest yearnings and blows minds with her creative work. One favorite quote comes to mind every time I see her work -Everything you can imagine is real."  ~Pablo Picasso.
As you already know I own a Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, and Entertainment Magazine (OTSMagazine), We feature, promote, and create more awareness about celebrities, Models, Entrepreneurs, and upcoming Brands, OTS is the virtual 3D version of my magazine, but it's a more fun way of doing things because I get to communicate sort of in-person with the guest and audience using 3D Avatars, sitting around a beautifully decorated room and enjoy the show.

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Hello Dearies, 
So a little catch-up, I recently went back to hosting some of my virtual shows which I started back in 2010, It is an online version of my Magazine (OTSM) the only difference is I interview the amazing personalities that help beautify the VU community such as (Developers, 3D Meshers, Models, Graphics And Creative Designers etc).
Today's post will be very different from my other posts, this lets you see more of what I enjoy doing, as you all know I love to spread positivity and good vibes, I love seeing others happy and having fun, this weekend I had a show with an online "Virtual Entrepreneur" In this feature she will be sharing her views, journey and motivation with us all, she will also tell us "How She Turned Her Virtual Business Into A Real-Life Business". [Enjoy]

INTERVIEW: Liris Crosse “The Naomi Campbell of Plus” Talks About Change In The Fashion Industry In An Exclusive Interview With Linda Bella. #BBLOGGER #beauty

Photo Credit : Rick D Jones

Liris Crosse is a model/actress & pioneer in the fashion industry for full-figured women & Black women known for pushing curvy women into mainstream culture.

Tell Us More about yourself, and what was life like growing up? 
Well I was blessed to grow up in Baltimore County in Maryland in a religious 2 parent household with parents who loved me & expected the best from me. They still do till this day. They allowed me to try all types of creative things under their watch so I could find my way. My dad was in politics & my mom was in social services. So I learned how to stand up for what I believe in & how to have compassion for people. I also have an older sister who I always looked up to who’s so smart & funny!
How did you start Modelling?
 I went to an open call for a models convention called Model Search America while in high school. They picked me to come to the regional convention to walk for the agencies. I got call backs from Elite, Zoli, Michelle Pommier & Seventeen Magazine but they all wanted me to lose weight although I was a full-time athlete. I eventually moved to NY to pursue commercial modeling & Model Search America set up a meeting for me at the curves division of Wilhelmina Models in NYC. They offered me a contract that day & my career started. I didn’t even know plus modeling existed but I was just excited to be signed. I’m now signed to Dorothy Combs Models  & Hughes Models.
What was your first big break in the Plus size modelling and fashion industry? 
It was actually a shoot for Black Elegance Magazine that’s no longer around but after that I would say it was Essence Magazine! They accepted & loved that I had curves! The ball continued to roll & I shot 3 campaigns for Lane Bryant plus walked in their first NYFW runway show! That’s when a star was born! LOL!
If you weren’t modeling, your career choice would be?
It would be owning my own full service salon which can still happen or being a lawyer. I guess I watch too much “Law & Order” haha!

How does it feel to be the First Black Model to Grace “Goddess Lingerie”? 
Simply amazing! The best part is I know how it makes other women feel to be represented in the fashion world so I’m glad I can be someone to help shed more model diversity in my industry. But the beautiful thing was Goddess booked me cause I was the best model for the job. I also work with them for their trade shows & they saw the buyers reactions to me so it just made sense I guess. I am honored though cause when I see very few black models for the lingerie brands. Now I need to conquer a swim brand!
Liris Crosse Modeling -Goddess Kayla Bella Coral Lingerie
What advice would you give to aspiring Models and Plus sized models trying to find their Niche in the Modelling and Fashion industry? 
Be honest with yourself about your  body & your look then find what lane you can create with it whether it’s the type of modeling you do or what kind of clients you pursue. Find the amazing thing about you & make it work!
What are some of your latest and upcoming projects? 
Well of course the release of this Goddess campaign! I am headlining the Plus Size Fashion Days runway shows in Hamburg, Germany in October so I’m excited to go there! I just shot the in-store campaign for mid-west American retailer, Maijer Stores for the fall. I also teamed up with Curvysta Magazine for a special project in September so be on the look out for that & PlusNight Out! I’m also gearing up to branch my Life Of a Working Model Bootcamps across the country! You can always find out when future ones are coming up at or
Photo Credit : Rick D Jones
Who or what inspires and motivates you daily? 
Well the fact that I know I am put here on Earth by God for a purpose. If I stop pursing my dreams then I would be failing me & many others. I gain inspiration from my parents, sister, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, Oprah. They are all enterprising, found their lanes & do it at their highest levels possible.
What do you enjoy most about modelling? 
I love runway the most although there aren’t many shows for plus sizes but it’s the ultimate adrenaline rush! All eyes are on YOU!
In regards to the plus-sized industry, what are the aspects you love about it?
What are some aspects that you don’t about the industry? I love how supportive we can be at times & how its a sisterly love in some ways with most of the models since it feels like us against the world. I also love the body confidence movement because we all can’t be skinny. I don’t like when we size shame each other within the plus fashion community, like comparing if someone is “plus enough”. I also dislike when brands don’t show diversity with race as far as the models they use. A great model will sell the clothes regardless of color, just book us!
Recently I have observed that the plus-sized fashion industry is booming. Why do you think it’s taken so long for women of bigger sizes to really be seen? 
Well the social consciousness of the world is changing & individuality is being more accepted. People are making their voices heard more now than ever. We definitely have to thank social media for that cause their so many ways to shine more light on the plus fashion community & to build power within it
If you could change anything about the Fashion and Modeling industry, what would it be and why? 
I would have plus models on the same status as the straight size models so we are able to be up for high-end designer campaigns & CONSISTENTLY rip the runway for major designers for New York Fashion Week & the others around the world.
 Many models feel the pressure to fit a ‘sample’ size for their work. As a plus size model, do you feel pressure to look a certain way physically? 
Well you have to fit the samples. If you can’t fit the samples, the product can’t get shot. People forget that modeling can be fun but it’s a business. Brands want the clothes to look neat & want as least work to do in post. The bottom line is the dollar cause if it doesn’t make dollars than it doesn’t make sense. Like any job there are requirements & the same goes for modeling. I can’t expect to be an executive assistant for a CEO if it requires me to know Microsoft Office & how to type but I can’t do either one. Most samples in the plus industry have a range so it does help for some size diversity though.
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Singer, Songwriter, Actress, KD Rose also known by many as KD Aubert, has taken the music industry by storm with the release of her hot new electronic dance single “Falling” which is available for download at The single has gained major momentum and buzz, receiving over 152K streams on Soundcloud in less than a month.