#Spirituality : #Yemoja - African Goddess of the Ocean (Happy Yemoja Day To You All)

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As you all know i am a very spiritual person and also very spiritually inclined, i fill my soul with vast knowledge about spirituality and i enjoy learning about various cultures and tradition, someday i would share my spiritual journey with you all but today is a day of celebration in Brazil, and i am dedicating this post to my Friends and Family in Brazil who have always shown me love and support.


Yemoja is the African Goddess of the Ocean and the patron diety of pregnant women. She is honored not only in Africa but in Brazil. She is the creator goddess of the Yoruba tribe. This goddess went with the members of the Yoruba tribe when they were captured and taken to various areas in the world as slaves. She then became very well known and given different names. This is why she is honored in Brazil and also how she is associated with Virgin Mary.

Yemaya Celebration @ Rockaway Beach

Yemonja (Yemoja) represents the maternal aspect of divinity. Originally river deity, Yemonja became associated with the seas. Her name, Iyemoja, means “our mother whose children are as numerous as there are fish”.

Yemonja, saltwater deity, is personalized as woman ebony of color with full large breasts who nurtures the world. From myths, her early incarnation on earth was that of passive energy in the creation process. She evolved into the strong, dominant earth mother after experiencing trials of disrespect and at times violence. According to a patiki, Yemonja’s response to a repugnant act that occurred against her was to plunge from a hill to the earth. This act caused her stomach to burst open from which sprang the sixteen orisas and the first human man and woman. The fluids that came forth from her produced the rivers, lakes and seas. Yemonja teaches us to persevere despite what life brings us.

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Though many associate coquetry and sensuality with Oshun, these attributes truly belong to Yemonja. She is the sensuality of woman; her broad hips celebrating the ase to bring forth life. The turbulence of the sea an artistic portrayal of the hormonal changes that may contribute to mood swings in a woman. Once love has grown cold for her, she sends her lover away while she remains firmly rooted on her throne.

There is so much to know about this deity, i advice you all to always be open-minded and feel free to do deep research about stuff in life , i am deeply in tune with my spiritual life and my Ancestors, i am a daughther of Yemoja and Oshun and i derive pleasure in spreading light to all of humanity.

May Blessings and Light Be With you all. #Ase


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