Fashion: 5 Reasons You Should Start Paying Attention to the Australian-Girl Style. #Australianfashion #fashionista #fashionblogger

It could be the never-ending sun, the gorgeous coastline, their nature-loving spirit, or a mixture of all three, but ladies from the Land Down Under have an aura of charm that inspires the rest of the world to mimic their laid-back, sunny look.
But more than anything else, the Land of Oz owes its indisputable fashion reputation to the lovely women you see in the streets – effortless and comfortable in their own skin, they are everything quintessentially Australian you could possibly imagine. And here’s why you should look up to them for fashion tips!

1.      They prioritize comfort

Yes, they are stylish as hell, but they sure know how to wear their favorites in a loose, relaxed manner without stressing too much about the “size” craze. In fact, if they are at all concerned with sizes, it’s choosing at least one size roomier than their fit, so that they can have extra comfort all day long.

It’s the modern boho, the chic-up look they so easily embrace for work, beach and dates alike. They always look as if they just spent an hour basking in the sun, yet perfectly ready for a casual cocktail meeting with their business associates. Somehow, fashion is a perfect reflection of their laid-back culture.

2.      They don’t cheat on their brands

Aussie gals are your perfect customers. They give your brand a chance, and if you win them over, they will remain loyal for years, coming back every season to check out your latest creations. Sure, they like keeping their closets versatile, but they appreciate every brand’s effort to create a unique look, so they tend to find names that they can relate to, such as Hansen and Gretel Clothing.

Unlike the western culture of bulking brands into single stores where they can easily become nameless, shopping the brand for an Australian woman is almost a sacred ritual, and one to be cherished even when you wish to try out a new piece.

3.      They are not season-oriented

Before you ask, yes, they do need to have a cold-friendly wardrobe in their fashion arsenal, but perhaps the greatest appeal of their laid-back attitude is their seasonless mindset. While most parts of the world are enjoying the scorching summer days, winter is in full swing in Australia, which doesn’t stop them at all from stocking on those summer-perfect dresses for when beach days begin once again. 

They enjoy the style innovations coming from many fashion capitals such as New York or Paris, and they don’t hesitate to shop for what they discover in Vogue and is meant for the summer in Europe – hell, they’ll shop for those bombers and ankle boots well before the cold alters their eveningwear. The bottom line is, if they like it, they’ll get it, despite the weather.

4.      They love their minimalist accessories

Comfort-oriented and true hedonists, Aussie girls can teach us a thing or two on downsizing our jewelry box. It’s not that they don’t appreciate diversity, on the contrary, but they tend to stick to a selected few pieces that go so well with their character. 

They’ll always go for the necklace alone, as opposed to a heap of bangles, earrings and a ring. They will use mismatching and asymmetry to inspire curiosity and express themselves – no need for too many baubles. Plus, they like to aim for practical accessories, such as retro shades for long days in the sun and a snazzy Fedora or a chunky watch for an extra-boyish appeal.

5.      They delight in their denim

No one rocks those ripped jeans (one size larger, of course) and high-waisted denim shorts quite like Australian fashionistas. Give them an oversized cotton or linen shirt as seen in the Matin collection, a pair of sandals and they’re good to go.

Work-friendly jeans? Why these ladies have you covered with class! They have the sophisticated clean-cut jeans for any occasion, even for business meetings. Their version of the suit-up is, in fact, the dress-down, all the way down to denim. They still know how to stay appropriate while being authentic and relaxed, and that’s why we love them so much.

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Sophia Smith is Australian based beauty and style blogger. She is very passionate about natural makeup, latest fashion trends, and graphic design projects. Sophia writes mostly in fashion and beauty related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She has contributed to a number of publications including LA Fashion, Viva Glam Magazine, Just Haves, How to Simplify and Carousel.

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