21 Dec 2018

Essential Elements for a Cosy Home

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As your personal sanctuary, your home should feel cosy, warm and soothing. The key to achieving such an ambience lies in combining design elements that will give your space an inviting flair and transform it into your comfy haven.
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Subtle mood lighting

With the right lighting, you can fill your home with a warm glow and a cosy vibe. Subtle or dim mood lighting will create an intimate ambience in your space, inspiring relaxation and romance. While table and floor lamps can set the mood in your living room, you can use magical string lights in your bedroom for a whimsical effect. In the evening, you can just turn off your overhead lighting and let lamps and other subtle solutions bring a touch of warmth to your space. You can also introduce lovely scented candles and let them fill your space with their flickering glow.
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Wooden elements

Introducing natural wood to your home will not only elevate its style, but it will also add to its comfort. Soft wooden tones are inherently warm, especially when illuminated with soft natural light or gentle mood lighting. You have a range of stunning options for using wood in your home. From timeless hardwood floors to furniture pieces and decorative details, wood will undoubtedly help you give your space homey appeal. You can use it for your frames, decorative bowls, vases and other elements that will bring the charm of wood to your home.
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A cosy colour palette

Your choice of colours in your home will also have an effect on its general atmosphere. For a welcoming look, you should go with layers of warm neutral tones, such as different shades of beige, brown, soft yellow, white and off-white, etc. For instance, a soft colour scheme of whites, off-whites and beiges in combination with natural wood will help you create a slightly rustic ambience that exudes romance, comfort and style. Furthermore, wood and warm tones will help you create a balance if you also go with cooler shades. Nonetheless, you should layer your neutrals in order to create a deeper, cosier look.
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Stunning window treatments

Dressing up your windows will definitely make your home cosier and more comfortable. The additional layer of insulation will help you maintain a comfortable indoor temperature during both summer and winter. Furthermore, the very appeal of window treatments will help you create an inviting vibe in your cosy home. For instance, long, heavy drapes puddling on your floor will give your living space a romantic, lush look. However, if you’re not a fan of drapes and curtains, there are other equally stylish solutions. For example, shutters and blinds are a popular option in the Land Down Under. Moreover, versatile blinds in Melbourne come in various style and designs, enabling you to elevate your home d├ęcor and create a cosy ambience. You can go with chic Roman blinds that will provide you with privacy and sun protection while also introducing a beautiful fabric, colour or pattern.
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Soft, rich textiles

Layers of textiles and cosy materials will give depth to your space and create an atmosphere of comfort. For a truly cosy vibe, you should go with lush, soft fabrics and let their texture take the centre stage. Plush throw pillows, soft knit blankets and cosy throws will be beautiful additions to your space, adding another layer of cosiness to your sofas, chairs and beds. You should also introduce plenty of area rugs and possibly even layer them. You can go with a faux sheepskin rug and place it against a leather piece of furniture. This way, you’ll be able to create a striking contrast and soften the leather piece.
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A fireplace inside, a fire pit outside

A mesmerising fire feature is another essential for a cosy home. If you have a fireplace, you should use it as the focal point in your room, letting the crackling sound of fire fill your space with cosiness. Arranging your furniture around it will create a comfortable vibe and inspire intimacy, romance and family togetherness. Similarly, you can introduce a cosy fire pit in your backyard sanctuary. Even the simplest design will fill your outdoor haven with a warm, cosy glow, keeping you and your loved ones comfortable on a chilly night.
Introducing these essential elements will help you give your home a cosy, inviting and homey look. It will also fill it with romance, intimacy and magic, allowing you to truly relax and enjoy your space.