Makeup Essentials : 5 Luxurious Lipsticks I Am Loving Lately.

 Let's Talk About My Fav Lipsticks
I am a girly girl when I want to be but there are certain colours Of lipstick I stock up on, as you all know I have big lips lol I sometimes compare my lips to those of the Crab"Sebastian" in the Cartoon "The Little Mermaid", however, I still can't avoid Red Lipstick, I know the colour red is used more by people who want to accentuate their lips, make it look bigger, but if you do have big lips and love red lipstick you can still get away with it, you just have to be cautious and not overdo it, I remember a day I went too far, I came out looking like "Bobo The Clown", I am however very picky with the kind of lipstick I use especially because I sometimes have dry lips (Yes, Yes I am working on it),  I always use a lip primer and then I apply my lipstick, I know some people don't really like lip primers, I previously did a survey and got different opinions about it, What's Yours? (Leave a comment below).
Below are some of  my favourite Luxury Lipsticks :
On the dressing table, you would see brands ranging from ( Ysl to Chanel to DG to Kiko to Bourjois to Mac and so on) But my all-time favourite is (Rogue Edition Velvet Lipstick by Bourjois, Now Bourjois makes it easy to create chic looks for eyes; lips; face and nails; all with an effortless Parisian twist. Say Bonjour to beauty with “joie de vivre”!), It's also really affordable and very silky especially when combining colours.
YSL Red Taboo (18) Lipstick because it exudes Luxury when you put it on your lovely lips. (Get It Here )

1)CHANEL  ROUGE COCO  Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour ROUGE COCO – PINK34. (Get It Here)
2)CHANEL ROUGE COCO Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine ROUGE COCO- Romance 55 (Get It Here)

Kiko Milano ( I stock up on this colour because it's calm and doesn't make my lips look too big lol)
 Dolce & Gabbana Classic Cream Lipstick Lust 167 
My All-time new favourite - Rouge Edition Velvet Liquid Lipstick from Bourjois.
Who knew that a long-lasting matte lip colour could be this light and ever-so-comfortable?
Rouge Edition Velvet Liquid Lipstick from Bourjois glides on soft as a whisper. Once dry; the rich colour with pigments won't budge! The velvety texture melts on the lips with a bare lip feeling. Forget you are wearing lip colour! When you want intense; a matte colour that won't dry out your lips; Rouge Edition Velvet delivers the look you love in a long-lasting liquid lipstick.
The soft flocked applicator deposits just the right amount of colour with precision. For an extra-intense effect; add a second coat after the first one dries.
Tuck it into your make-up bag for those times when you want to step up your glamour game!
Key features and benefits:
- Long-lasting liquid lipstick with a beautiful matte finish and intense colour
- Enhanced formula with 1/4 of pure pigments that provide bold; intense colour
- Soft; melting texture with 1/4 velvet concentrate that leaves lips matte; smooth and soft as velvet
- Enhanced by evanescent oils that give lips that natural and healthy feel
- Flawless; up to 24-hour hold

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