Interior Styling: Simple Ways To Style Your Home And Create Beautiful Vibes Around You.

The easiest way to create a designer look in your home is to add personality using home accessories- for example- Vases, Figures, Coffeetable books, Unique Luxury Items. The great thing I love about accessories like these is that you can change them with the seasons.
When styling your home, It's always good to mix textures and materials in your home to create depth and contrast, and when it comes to colour, be mindful of the shades you use if you want to achieve that high-end look. For Example - If you like magenta, add a pop of the colour here and there, don't paint the whole house with it, when you overdo it your home ends up looking a mess, but the home should feel comfortable, loving and welcoming, so always keep that fact in mind when styling your home. Another thing I love to see in the home is "Mirrors". Mirrors make a huge difference when styling the home. Brighten and amplify the light in a room with mirrors on walls opposing light sources. I love mirrors because they double the visual square footage of any room. Hang a series of three or four mirrors opposite a window to reflect the incoming light as well as the view. When it comes to updating your interiors, place a mirror on your largest wall to reflect as much light as possible back into the room, I love looking at mirrors in the home but not for vanity reasons, but to remind myself to be grateful and to live life in the moment while enjoying the little things. Adding a touch of luxury to each room is my number one tip when it comes to getting that designer look. Glitters and metallics add a little bling and work well in smaller rooms as features will reflect off them, giving the illusion of a bigger space. Don't forget to play around with lights, candles, fairy lights, Lamps etc, I love using these once in a while because they help set the right mood, add dimmers on all of your lights. Bright isn’t always right. Lightings like - table lamps, chandeliers, candles, battery-powered lights ― bring a lot of style into a room!  I am very spiritual so I like to meditate a lot or just sit and admire the stars at night, and When I am unable to do this, I create a magical environment in my bedroom or study room. I love how lights and lamps make the room glow, you would feel like you are in another dimension, just forgetting about the worries and spending time in the moment is the best feeling, It's not normally easy especially during this period , but we must try to do everything to stay sane. Lastly,  Remember  "Less Is More". The term "less is more" means that having less of something makes a stronger and more enjoyable experience in the home. Strong colours and patterns, though sometimes amazing but can create a better effect when used sparingly in interior design, than when people cramp things up together in one place. The same rule also applies for mixing styles of furniture. I am always happy to read or hear your opinions and tips either via Email or In the Comment Section. Don't forget to share, Have a lovely week ahead.


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