Lifestyle: How I Harness The Full Moon Energy And Use It To Renew Myself.

It's a new month ☺️ Yay!!!... September to me signifies a lot of amazing things, as many of you know, I am very spiritual and love connecting with the Moon 🌝, A full moon just passed and it's always the best time to charge your crystals or mystical items, infusing it with the energy of the Moon.
What does a full moon symbolize?
Full moons happen once a month when the sun's rays fully illuminate the surface of the moon. The moon has no light of its own, and when the moon is shining at its brightest and fullest, we're receiving maximum light and vitality as the sun's rays bounce off of the lunar surface.
Most people are affected by the moon especially with their emotions and mood, Sometimes I could feel irritant and sometimes I feel on edge and very alert during a full moon, so it varies between individuals, how we each connect to the moon is unique to each of us.
The full moon in September is called a Corn Moon, It's a time to celebrate agricultural fertility and divine feminine energy, it could also be called a Harvest Moon. It's time to Celebrate growth, if you are a woman, take pride in lifting other queens up, we women need to support each other, I see many women tearing each other down with their words and actions and it saddens me, choose collaboration over competition and lift your fellow queen up.
Top 3 Things To Do During A Full Moon :
Full moon meditations are a powerful way to tap the luminous lunar energy and harness the energetic power of the moon's light. You can do a full moon meditation before any of your rituals or spiritual practices, This helps you set up the right mindset and align yourself with what you want to accomplish.
I normally just sit still, facing the moonlight.
I close my eyes and visualize what I want to achieve.
I visualize the bright light of the Full Moon flowing through my body, mind, and soul, cleansing me of any negative vibe or energy.
I chant some positive affirmations and close with an (Amen or And So Shall It Be).
The Release -
I am sure we know words are powerful that's why you must be careful with your tongue, do not speak in anger towards anyone, do not speak maliciously about others because everyone's destiny is different and so is their karma, but what I am trying to say is that the full moon is a potent time for letting go of what's no longer serving you. We tend to sometimes hold on to things for so long it begins to hold us back in life, people need to let go of hate, malice, grudges, and just move on with life and leave things to the universe. The best time to speak into the universe that which you want it to remove from your life is during a Full Moon, release it and let it go, and speak good things into your life.
Moon Circle ⭕-
Moon circles can help you harness the energy of the full moon and celebrate with a group of friends and like-minded seekers (I rather prefer to call them soulmates), those you must call friends to need to be people who can tell what you are thinking or feeling without you having to speak.  At a full moon circle, you'll want to set intentions, listen actively to each other's desires, and decide what to collectively release.
The Moon is powerful, and connecting with her rhythm guides us to find the inherent wisdom and truth within ourselves. Mark your calendar for the next New and Full Moons and begin making your own moon magic.
Always remember to first create an ambiance that makes you feel calm, centered, and rooted. You may feel more grounded by quickly cleaning up, laying out a yoga mat. I always advise people to feel free to diffuse essential oils or add pillows, candles, salt, crystals, shells, photos, etc. to your space each Full Moon will mean something different to you, so the space you create may change or evolve over time.
For now, these are the top three things I would share with you however if you would like to know more ways you can harness the full moon energy don't hesitate to email me.
Lastly, One thing I always do is to place my crystals on a cleansed tray facing the full moonlight and I leave them out overnight to be renewed and replenished by the Moon and its beautiful energy, so if you are into crystals this is another tip for you, don't forget to Smudge them occasionally too.
Wishing you all a blessed weekend filled with beautiful vibes and energy 🌿.
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Thank you for reading and Blessed Be 🌒🌕🌘


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