Interior Styling: My Bedroom Makeover With A Touch Of Monochrome.

A good interior design improves a space by making it better suited to its purpose. For example, if you’re designing a bedroom you will make decisions that lead to it being more relaxing. You want to design your bedroom in a welcoming way so that when you return home from a long and stressful day out, your bedroom awaits you with a warm and beautiful hug. I believe the bedroom is the most important part of the home because it's where you lay your head to rest at night, I know most people will say it's the kitchen and for that, I agree to an extent, however you don't sleep in the kitchen so I think in this situation the bedroom still takes the crown.
When I say the word "Monochrome", This is a black and white interior styling trend but not as you know it, normally when we see people say they love monochrome interior decor, their home basically looks amazing but the most prominent color you'd see is (Black and White), that's different to what I have done with mine. A monochrome palette is a fantastic choice for your bedroom, trust me I know this.
I Dialed down the monochrome and textured up because the new way to do monochrome is to tread softly, It can become overpowering and take over everything, you will then begin to feel like everything is out of place and be tempted to completely redecorate your home to suit it, what I tend to do with mine is mix and match and when I have grown tired of that color trend I swap things around like I have done with my bedroom. 
As you have seen in the past, I was more drawn to more bold colors in my bedroom such as ( Pink, Green, and even Blue)
One thing I want to make you aware of is that Colors Affect Our Moods- The psychology of color is a fascinating subject. As an interior designer, it's important to understand the power of color and use it thoughtfully to subtly influence how a room makes you feel. When I recently realized I was craving some Black and White decors around my bedroom, I recognized this feeling because when I felt it a few years ago I had to add a touch of Monochrome to my Living Room, I noticed it's a feeling I get during certain seasons and this time it has hit me again. Monochrome is one of the most age-defying color combinations out there. In fact, in its most classic sense (true black and true white), it is not really a trend at all in fact it’s anything but short-lived, a fad, or an of-the-minute look having been loved and used in fashion, film, and interiors for decades.
A quote that did it for me is this one- “Color is descriptive. Black and white is interpretive.” – Elliott Erwitt. Black and white takes your sense of style down to its basic message. This monochromatic pairing is a timeless color combination that works with virtually any decorating style and it's all done to how you use it to suit your decor styling. I did not go overboard like changing the wall paint color etc, I focused more on the Beddings, Wall Canvas, and ornaments.
Learn to love your space and surrounding, treat it like you would treat yourself, Another thing that interior designers understand about their art is the ways in which you’ve decorated your space allows you to show your personality, sometimes you may notice you feel stuck, drained, washed out, and surprisingly all you might need is a change of scenery, instead of spending lots of money going away to a luxury hotel, you can bring luxury to your own home, and most times it doesn't have to cost you much to do this successfully. Whether your vibe is modern city chic or flowery bohemian, you can express it in black and white, I am spiritual so I always listen and trust the vibes I get because energy doesn't lie, and when I realize it's that time for a change again (BAM) I wasted no time in doing a Mini- Redecoration. (Click The Image Below To Read About More Ways You Can Redecorate Your More)
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