Christmas: How to Make the Most of the Holiday Season.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my readers for their patience, tips, and suggestions, and I promise to try to write more frequently in the future.
How to Make the Most of the Holiday Season.
My goal this year has been to take care of myself, heal my inner child, and search for avenues to grow, and I am almost there. I will try to post articles as frequently as possible because after reading your reviews, tips, and a few emails, many of you have expressed you prefer reading lifestyle articles and that really made my day, so keep an eye out for more.

How To Enjoy A Cozy Vibe This Festive Season.
Christmas to me means ; Togetherness, Gratitude and Blessings.🎄 Hear me out;

Togetherness: Being with one or two other people who share a similar philosophy may occasionally bring you "Bliss"; you don't always need to be surrounded by battalions of people or have more than twenty pals to be happy.
How to Make the Most of the Holiday Season.
Showing those folks how much you value their presence in your life this Christmas 🎄🎁 is far more valuable than going to a hundred-person party where you hardly know anyone and are compelled to engage in forced talks. This is just my own opinion.
How to Make the Most of the Holiday Season.
For me, blessings and gratitude go hand in hand. Be appreciative of what you have accomplished thus far and know that you are good enough since you have done your hardest.
Happiness will arrive; it could take some time 🤞🏼, but everything has its time ❤️. You will be envious of "No One" once you comprehend "Time and Season".

I recall having a negative outlook on life and wondering why everything was difficult for me or why I had to work so hard to achieve my goals. Eventually, I recognized that these hardships were necessary for me to become the person I am today.

Choose to forgive and move on if you have unfinished business with someone else and are holding grudges due to previous transgressions. Although they caused the pain, you are the one who lets it affect how you feel today. Instead of holding on, let go and decide to stay in the present.
How to Make the Most of the Holiday Season.
Never stop dreaming, never stop trying, and when life tries to kick you down, don't say Why me? , say Try Me

I took some time to think about what Christmas means to me as I look back on 2023. I want to take time to express my thankfulness for this particular time of year when we take a moment to reflect more than ever on the life we have lived, we are grateful for the people we encountered on our journey both Good and Bad, and we are thankful for the experiences. 

However, one thing about the Christmas period that irks me and is related to people's behaviors is this;

I am not happy that people feel they have to wait till Christmas to exchange gifts with one another or to show someone how much they appreciate them, why wait? Make it a daily practice, I am not saying the gift has to be physical, it could even be a few appreciative words, just making that person feel special and know that they hold a special place in your heart/life.
How to Make the Most of the Holiday Season.
Another helpful tip on how to enjoy a Cozy Vibe this season- Declutter-Declutter-Declutter!!!.

I can't say this enough, but knowing how to clear up your space while making it aesthetically pleasing is very important and beneficial to your mental health and well-being.

When I work with clients who want to de-stress, feel happier, and lose weight, I always encourage them to incorporate more "pleasure" into their day. Again, not only food-related pleasure but pleasure in general. Aesthetic delight. Literary delight. Musical delight. Environmental delight.

I seldom post on social media, but when I sit down to enjoy a beautiful cup of coffee and a tray of homemade food, I take innumerable images of visually attractive items around me. I strive to capture beautiful photos that will be useful for future writings, and as you can see from the photo below, I drank a great "mug" of coffee and topped it with whipped cream (the frenzy to get this image before it melted away was comical) but it was worth it. One thing with taking pictures -it has a sentimental meaning to me, the camera captures moments that have passed and will never come again, no matter how you try to re-arrange the presentation, always be something different about that moment that went.

Enjoy every moment of today to the fullest, soaking in the sights, sounds, smells, emotions, triumph, and sorrow. They are all around us, yet we often don't recognize or value them.
How to Make the Most of the Holiday Season.
Make time during the day to intentionally be present, whether through yoga, meditation, or another mindfulness approach. Daily mindfulness practice is essential since it demands patience, energy, and dedication.

Lastly, take time each day to disconnect from your computer and phone. When there's no electronic device around, read a book, scribble—not type—go for a walk, do some yoga like I mentioned earlier, or eat lunch. Engage in daily activities that don't require an internet connection, believe me, you will thank me later. I do this often and it helps me recharge and reconnect with the present.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas ahead filled with wonderful energy and memories.

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