Lifestyle: Benefits of Taking Breaks Away From Social Media.

I really have missed you all, my beloved readers. Sometimes I turn off the computer and try to focus more on important things, like actual life, side projects, self-care, and being in the moment. We frequently lose ourselves when we dwell on unimportant things or things that shouldn't even be on our minds, and the result is negative self-esteem.

For the most part, I just switch off and concentrate on myself because I enjoy trying my best to live out what I teach, which is "Prioritising mental health". Most people ask me, "How do you do it? I reply, "It's because I'm very comfortable and content in my own company that you can just hide and turn into this hermit, you don't communicate or blow out."
Today I will briefly teach you some of the importance of "Taking social media breaks".

Do you know that more than half of the people you see on social, especially the ones playing millionaires or billionaires on social media are very sad in real life? This is why you must never be envious of anyone's lifestyle on social media, never let envy cloud your mind due to what you see, and never compare your real life to what you see online because most of the time what you see is "staged".

You have to be content with what you have, if you can't afford something then it's simply too expecting - this is my belief, so I am a huge preacher of the saying "Cut your coat according to your side" and never want for what someone else has".
If you're as spiritual as I am, you'll sense the change in the horizon and realize that you must protect your energy, keep your circle limited, and put your attention on your healing, inner peace, and happiness. Try to simplify your life as much as possible, even if it means severing ties with others and realigning your focus.

Spend the day writing in your diary, figuring out your plans, and trying to visualize your pending projects coming to fruition. Sometimes having certain people around you leads to procrastination, you begin to lose sight of what's more important, you begin to feel less motivated, and can ultimately lead to you pushing aside that goal or dream. It happens to us all, the question is; what do you do about this?

I recommend hitting the restart button every day you wake up and choose to pour a little bit more positive energy into everything you do.
It takes effort and self-control to accomplish this, but once you do, it feels incredibly rewarding to not have to pick up the phone first thing in the morning to scroll through Instagram. I know that for most people, just "turning off" social media is difficult because they are addicted to scrolling through the reels and feeds as soon as they open their eyes.

It's always the people who are so consumed by other people's lives that struggle with this as well; they become so engrossed in what the next person is doing that they forget about their own objectives. So try to stop and ask yourself, "Does Instagram pay my rent?" for a moment. Does it cover my expenses? If you are unable to say yes to this, understand that it is not important and shouldn't occupy all of your time when you might be using it to better yourself, such as by re-branding yourself.
Let's Talk About The Benefits of Taking Social Media Breaks
This article has taken me days to write due to other distractions and being who I am, I do not like to rush things, I love to make sure whatever it is I put out there is something I resonate with.

So prioritize your mental health today, take time away from social media, and re-focus on yourself and your goals, you may not be where you want to be in life but be grateful you are not where you used to be. 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.
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