As a Globetrotter, I derive pleasure in making sure my clients are satisfied with their services, as many of you are aware, I offer services ranging from -Interior Decor, Fashion Styling, Makeup Artistry, Beauty Therapy, Image Consultation, Personal Styling and Rebranding, Motivational Speaking And Spiritual Awareness Coaching.

My Virtual Services Makes it easier for my clients; wherever they are to reach me, one to one consultation via Email is another Fun way to communicate and Build relationships, also sending you Pictorial Samples or Illustrations relating to your inquiry, sometimes most Entrepreneurs don't realise that not all potential clients can afford to pay for your flight and accommodation Abroad and many of them do not offer Virtual Services, I feel everyone deserves a chance to be heard by whatever means necessary.

Other Services I Provide

Many people get stuck when it comes to starting up a brand or a platform, let me be your guide, I build websites and design Bespoke Logos for my Clients both in UK and Globally, for those trying to go into the Fashion and Modelling world "Presentation is very important", I offer my Photo Retouching service and also Branding Skills to you, showing you more ways to showcase your skills via Social Media Platforms, Today Social Media has become the leading platform for those trying to create more awareness about their skills and talents also their businesses and the sad thing that can ever happen is not knowing how to rightly utilize social media, Hashtags, Time Zones on when to upload a post etc, If you need further advice in this Area do not hesitate to contact me -

Spiritual Consultations
As a spiritual being having a human experience, I enjoy surrounding myself with good vibes and energy, and I love teaching my friends, families and clients how to invite the lovely vibe and energy the universe has to offer them into their homes, relationships and lives. I would teach you the herbs and oils to use for certain situations, I work with crystals, divine feminine energy, I love to call upon the positive energy of the Goddess and Universe especially when it comes to infusing your home with beautiful vibes, feel free to contact me for more information, Consultations, and for those interested in my oils/Elixirs don't hesitate to email me.