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Movies have “taught” us that every single office in the world has the same dress code. In other words, if you are planning on working at the office you should stack up on your pencil skirt and blazer collections. If you are more into jeans, you’ll just have to wait for casual Fridays. The reality, however, is a little bit different.
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Before we start, let’s get one thing straight here. Nobody said that you should wear your micro skirt, shorts, flip flops etc. to work, no. But managers generally complain about younger generations and their dressing habits. The key is in sticking with that perfect line between casual and professional. Why? Simply, as much as clothes don’t make a man, in business world they do. And sadly, people ARE going to judge your professionalism based on your clothing and your entire look.

First things first

Wait. Before we get to the outfit part, there are much more important things to be discussed. Ask yourself:
  • Am I wearing too much makeup?
  • Do I have a visible tattoo?
  • Is my hair neat? When was the last time I dyed it?
You just have to look neat. If you have a visible tattoo, cover it with some foundation. Know that you don’t need a lot of makeup for work, it is daytime and you are at the office - you will just end up looking ridiculous. Some foundation, a soft eye shadow and some lip gloss will do the trick. Next, your hair. Our hair can either frame or completely ruin our entire look, so we have to keep it as nice as possible. In order to make it sleek, make sure you treat it with vitamins and keep simple.

Know where you are

Every workplace is different. At some places you will be able to casually wear your oversized T-shirt, while at other places everyone is going to look at you like you are some sort of a clown just because your tie is a little bit brighter. You have to look around and be completely aware of the dress code in your company. By that, I mean looking at people you admire, and people you want to be sitting in a meeting room within a few years.
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The best and the most versatile “pencil skirt and blazer” alternatives

Here are some looks that can help you get through the work week.

Classic look

This is the look that is appropriate for every situation. The key is in sticking to one color scheme (the best would be neutral colors such as black, white, khaki or nude). The most important garment here are definitely black trousers, and you should have at least 3 pairs of them.
  • Put on a simple long sleeved T-shirt, cigarette trousers in the same color - black would be the best choice - and a pair of kitten heels
  • Again, put on your black trousers, but this time add a white shirt and a black and white blazer to the whole combination
  • If the weather is warm, opt for sleeveless white shirt, black heel sandals and your black trousers
The list can go on for miles, but remember - the most important thing here is that you have at least one statement piece such as red lipstick, statement necklace, statement bracelet, belt, bag, nails etc. just to add a little bit of fun to your look.
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Casual look

This is basically the list of ways you can incorporate jeans in your work attire. The key is in pairing casual outfits with heels and feminine tops such as silky blouses and blazers. Also, you are free to have fun with the accessories, if your job allows you to.
  • Combine your black jeans with your black pointed toe heels, black silky blouse and a long white blazer
  • Take your bell jeans and rock them with your stilettos and tucked, long sleeved shirt
  • Pair your oversized white Tee with a white blazer, white cigarette pants, brown bag and nude heels
Oh, and I forgot to mention that dresses are also welcome to this list of casual looks. Basic dresses go great with blazers and heels, we all know that. However, if you are currently low on budget, know that you can always find gently worn women dresses online for a bargain.

Glamorous look

These looks are for all of you who want to bring out their inner Blair Waldorf. You want to conquer the world and look super glamorous while doing it. The basics for always managing to look glamorous are: sky high heels that you can also casually wear on cocktail parties, expensive and strong perfumes, silky blouses, long trousers, massive bags, watches, statement golden necklaces and rich fabrics.
  • Strut around in your black leather pencil skirt, black ankle heel boots, long faux fur coat and fitted black shirt
  • Catch the looks of all your colleagues in your asymmetrical pencil skirt, stilettos, mixed-material blazer and slim-fit T-shirt with a nice pattern. Spice everything up with a big golden statement necklace and you are done
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Sophisticated look

This look is the easiest to pull off, but you need to get into that routine. The key is in wearing at least one statement piece.
  • Go for a man inspired look with sexy heels, a massive necklace, sporty sweatshirt and a classy pencil skirt
  • Combine your floral playsuit with nude heels and a black jacket
  • Bring the spring with you wherever you go by wearing a bright yellow shirt with a geometrical printed nude skirt and some orange heels

Edgy look

This look is perfect for those who work in an office with a bit more flexible dress code. The key is in incorporating boots, leather, dark lipsticks, nail art etc. into your office attire and matching statement pieces with simple ones.
  • Match your knee-length military shirt with a black tank top, leather pants and leather boots
  • Feel free to pair “unpairable” garments such as lace skirt, a sweater and colorful heels
To conclude – no matter the style you opt for, the most important thing is that you feel good wearing it.  

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