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Spring is to fashion what New Year’s is to resolutions. If January 1st is a time to rethink our choices and swear to shed bad habits and adopt new, better ones, Spring is the time when closet spring cleaning takes place, we leave our foolish fashion choices behind and adopt new ones. As soon as the first heel hits Fashion Week runways, we know what will be in and what will be cast aside in the upcoming season. So, let us see what the near future holds for all the fashionistas.

New Clothes, New Beginnings

If Elle is to be trusted, this spring brings on a whole lot of stripes – diagonal, horizontal, vertical, wide, narrow, monochromatic or colorful – take your pick. And they will make their mark on every single garment from dresses and pants to blouses and shorts and go as far as beachwear. It is safe to say that it is time to get stripy. As for other prints, despite Miranda Presley’s snide “Florals, for spring, groundbreaking” comment, flowers are here to stay, so, go flower power!
As far as other trends go, particularly in the color palette arena, khaki and other nude shades will be huge this season, following a very successful run in the previous one. The color that will be joining all the lovely nudes is yellow, and in all shades, so if you were wondering which shade to pick – you will not be wrong with any single one. And while on the subject of color-pops, pink will be present in every shade you have ever imagined.
Off-the-shoulder pieces are still going strong this season, but unlike the previous, the charm lies in exposing not both, but only one of them. So, choose your more flattering one ladies.
If you love your crisp white shirts, you will adore the makeover they have received for this season – they are now bolder and longer.

What Types of Hair Care?

According to Harper's Bazaar, sleek and shiny is back this season, so you might as well bust out that flat iron that has been gathering dust all this time, that is, if you want to get that Gigi Hadid hair. However, since supermodels not only follow, but set trends, Gigi will be rocking her staple beach-waves this season too, so whichever way you decide to go will be Hadid approved. Other major trends will include balayage, and the only thing that is changing is the colour palette – instead of the caramel and honey hues, more cool, ashy and grey tones will take the stage. Thanks to the likes of Alicia Keys and Kerry Washington, to curly girls we say – rejoice, the time has come to stop smothering your curls, go natural and let the volume out. Finally, bobs and lobs all around the globe will be encouraged, so if you have them, keep them, and if not - grow them out.

Make Me Up


For better or worse, this season appears to be fazing matte out and bringing metallic lips in. Worry not - dark and bold lips are still in. The classic red lip is also safe from extinction, and so is the eyeliner. Dewy finishes enhanced by light strobing are definitely in, as most makeup artists are abandoning the sharp contouring practice and advocating natural enhancement of the face’s focal points. Blush is also back, and bolder than ever, but as far as eye makeup goes, Harper's Bazaar shows that eyes will not be the main focus this season, though strong eyebrows will still be going strong.

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