Fashion - The Hottest Denim Trends.

If there is one thing every avid fashionista and fashion magazine reader knows, it’s that the word ‘timeless’ is thrown around far more liberally than it ought to be. Perhaps it’s due to the incredible number of trends that are born with every new collection, trends we wish would go from fleeting to permanent. There is, however, one that seems to transcend time, gender, sociological, economic and every other boundary there is – the denim trend. The first pair was fashioned by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873, and they weren’t even created in order to be fashionable. In fact, jeans were the ultimate ‘work’ garment as the fabric was sturdy enough to handle hard physical labor. Later on they became a symbol of rebellion before entering mainstream culture and making a permanent home there. The rest is (recent) history. Celebrities were spotted rocking denim on red carpets, sometimes looking amazing, other times, unforgettable for different reasons, but denim has been here for over 140 years, and it’s safe to claim that it isn’t going anywhere. This brings us to 2018, and we are beyond excited to give you the skinny on the latest trends you are bound to love in the following season, so stay tuned.

A softer side

One of the major innovations that will take place this season is a preference for soft linen. Unlike the familiar sturdy one, this denim trend will make way for the creation of a larger variety of garments as it’s easier to manipulate. The soft linen is amazing as it allows for plenty of draping, ruffles and other sewing techniques to step onto the stage. This truly is a breath of fresh air particularly because, unlike the damaged and deconstructed denim fabrics, this one can be used to create more modern designs, particularly those that will cater to those more inclined towards minimalism and sleeker pieces.

Where’s the blue?

Another thing you will notice in stores quite soon is the lack of the traditional blue. Yes, denim will be bleached to within an inch of its life, and there will only be a smidge of the original shade visible at the seams. For those who always had a thing for pale jeans, this is your time to shine again. One thing to absolutely love about this processing technique is that it will go amazingly well with vibrant summer clothes. Just imagine an outfit consisting of high-rise, almost pastel jeans, a vibrant breezy blouse from a plus size clothing line, a woven tote and a pair of wedges. A mid-summer night’s dream outfit.

No need to make your mind up

If you always have trouble deciding on the perfect shade when shopping for jeans, you’re in luck. One of the hottest denim trends to come back in style is patchwork. This look will suit best those who aren’t afraid of experimenting and also have a thing for the Americana trend. It’s definitely a strong look, but think carefully whether you’re brave enough to try it.

Let’s get loud

The previous season was overflowing with graffiti and floral embellishments and embroidery on virtually every denim garment – jeans, vests and oversized jackets. It seems that the trend isn’t only staying, but actually staking even more territory in the season to come, so whether you want your denim jacket filled with political or motivational messages, brand logos, flowers and even badges, feel free to get crafty and personalize your denim to reflect your style persona.

Check mate

If you are in love with the hottest print of the season - plaid, you will absolutely fall head over heels for checkered denim in all forms. This year, first in high-street and possibly even high-end collections we are expected to see plenty of checkered denim jackets, fitted blazers and jeans that will exude a ‘70s vibe, but with a contemporary twist.
All aboard When it comes to the types of cuts that will reign in 2018, it seems that none have been excluded. Skinny jeans will continue to be popular, wide-leg culottes-like, straight-leg, flared, mid and high-rise ones, mom and boyfriend jeans, fitted jackets, oversized slouchy ones; the industry is catering to all body types and fashion preferences, so we’re all safe there. You can choose to go minimal, opt for softer variations of the fabric, embellish or keep the look clean, but your favorite cut will be here for you.

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