Lifestyle : Self-Isolation Or Self-Re Evaluation!

Hi, Lovelies,
 I am just checking in on everyone, I hope you are all holding on and going strong, I want you to know that you are doing the best you can right now, don't forget to have fun and use this time wisely, don't just see this as "Self-Isolation" see it as "Self-Re-Evaluation".
Self-reevaluation is one of the ten processes of change in the transtheoretical model and involves cognitive reappraisal of how behaviour change is part of one’s identity. Although self-reevaluation is a critical motivator for individuals in the contemplation stage of change
We need to use this period to Re-Evaluate ourselves, this is the time to re-connect with who we truly are, It is also a time to rebrand and take time out to improve ourselves. If you have a platform, for example [Blog, Podcast, Vlog, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook] this is the time to work on what kind of platform you want your audience to see.
Firstly Raise your Consciousness:
Consciousness-raising is the process of actively becoming more aware, mindful or conscious of the current situation, Self-reevaluation flows naturally from consciousness-raising. Self-reevaluation means taking stock or appraisal of the behaviour that needs to be changed, and reveals how your values conflict with the problem behaviours.
I am a huge lover of interior decor and design, I also love photography and all things beautiful, I am using this period to study and brush up on my skills as a digital content creator, I want people to be entertained when they visit my platform, that is why I am using this period to re-brand myself and my style.
Social Media Detox:
I love to take time off social media every now and again to detox and study, to also think of ways to improve myself, Social media will always be there so why would I need to spend every minute of my life on it.
It was discovered that most people who use social media end up comparing themselves to the lives of everyone they know. The problem with this is that it can have a serious impact on your self-esteem.
Even if you aren’t aware of it, social media brings out your competitive side. This is because the main basis of social media networks such as Facebook is to attract attention to your posts. Each reaction and comment is a measure of how popular a particular post is, which can make you strive to outdo others and even yourself.
Studies have shown that the more time you spend on a social media site, the more likely you are to develop depression. Additionally, the amount of time you spend on these sites is directly related to whether or not you feel stressed out or happy.
In other words, if you’ve been feeling highly anxious, stressed out or depressed, this is a good time to take a social media detox. It may feel weird at first, but your overall mood should begin to improve as you stay away from Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites for a little while.
Focus Your Energy On Important Things Like Your Health
I know we are told to go out once a day to exercise, but there are still other workouts one can do indoors to improve ourselves, get off that couch and move, it is easy to relax and let ourselves go but one must ask ourselves the bigger question- What would life be like after this is over? How do you foresee your Mental and Physical Health?. I am not perfect myself that is why I am sharing these tips with you also, to encourage you to never give up or assume this is the end of life as we know it, in fact, this is the time to do the things that make you happy and feel good.
Please leave your comments below, let me know your thoughts.


Giveaway Winner Announcement: Meet Maria Ambruster [Interior Design Enthusiast]

You are all aware I had a Giveaway Contest Recently, I want to say a huge thank you to all that participated, I would like to present the Winner to you -Maria Ambruster, A beautiful soul and a huge lover of beautiful Interior designs, What I didn't tell you all was that there would be an extra gift to my giveaway, [An Exclusive Feature with the Winner] and I have to say the Jewellery Set looks so beautiful on her. [Don't forget to follow me on IG -@lindaobella for more giveaway contests coming soon]
Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hello all, I am Maria for those whom I have not had the pleasure to meet yet. I’m married to my middle school sweetheart Leonardo and I’ve been blessed to be the mommy of two beautiful girls named Jasmine and Mia.

Tell Us About Your Passion.
I’m a stay at home mom with dreams Of inspiring others to make their homes more than just a shelter. The passion for decor has lived in me for years, I have only just seized the opportunity to share my passion with the world.

Tell Us About Your Style
 If you're wondering what my style is well, I love to mix and match different styles rather than be totally traditional or modern. I love to add pops of color to my home, for example, my favourite color is blue and you will find all different shades of it running through my home from the bathrooms all the way to the kitchen. I always keep in mind the comfort of the people I love.

Finally, What are your personal views on how a home should feel?
I'm a firm believer that a family home must be both functional and beautiful, With that being said I hope my page on Instagram can provide you with some inspiration
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Lifestyle: I Would Not Be Who I Am Today Without Spirituality.

So It's been a very hectic and strange year and I have not really done a lot of posts about spirituality lately I apologize, I have answered most of your questions via email and Instagram, many of you wanted to know ways to clear negative entities and energies away, I say it starts with the mind and then Action, it's one thing saying you do not want negativity around you and it's another thing to actually do something about it. I am one of those people who don't give a toss what anyone says about me, I live my life the way I want to live it but I live it RIGHT, you must be yourself and not another person's version of you, some people come into your life because they want to exploit you, you have to be strong and be able to recognize a toxic friend, a friend who does not serve you or bring positive things to your life will only end up being your worst enemy, so before things get too messy "Do the right thing" and let them go, a true friend or colleague will try to work it out and find out ways to change their negative behavior while a fake friend will exploit the situation and do what I call "SEEK PITY PARTY" and  "Play the VICTIM", but when it gets to that stage, pat yourself in the back and know that you did the right thing by letting them go.
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Beauty And Lifestyle : Trendy Hairstyles For A New You. #Hairstyle #Hair #Beauty #BBlogger

Spring is finally here and that means one thing – it’s about time you made some changes! Some girls love experimenting with their fashion choices, others love trying the latest makeup trends, whereas some gals are always up for a new haircut. If you want to give your tresses a complete makeover, stay with us and learn about five trendy hairstyles you’ll completely adore this spring. Just keep reading and find out what to do to become a brand new you!

Braids all over the place
Braids of all kinds are making a huge comeback, which is exactly why you shouldn’t neglect them this season. Basically, these are one of the best methods of pulling off a fabulous hairstyle, even when you’re having a bad hair day! The truth is that there are countless variations of this gorgeous trend, and some of the most popular ones are woven braids, braided updos, messy fishtail braids, and Dutch braided pigtails. Don’t be afraid to give them a try!

Slicked back hair on point
If you’re up for a glamorous, old-school Hollywood look, you simply have to slick back your hair! Even though this hairstyle looks quite simple, the fact is that those flying baby hairs can be really challenging – keeping them in place can be a bit trickier than you think. However, you’ll undoubtedly manage to do it with the help of a good hairspray, mousse, or hair wax. This hairstyle looks amazing with all lengths and colors, so you definitely won’t make a mistake with it!
Trendy ash balayage
Everyone’s been raving about balayage for a long time, and reasons for that are more than good. This hairstyle is so hot and stylish, which makes it one of the most talked about right now. Its latest version – ash balayage – it’s taking over the social media really quickly, since trendsetters seem to completely adore this amazing trend. This technique will highlight your hair in an artistic way, creating a natural-looking effect you’re going to love. Just make sure to select an ashy tone that perfectly matches your skin – you can choose from gray, peach, ash blond, and many others.

Natural curls to the rescue
Curly girls from all over the world, unite! Embracing your natural hair has never been more desired than right now, which is why you should keep your hair straightener where it belongs – in your drawer, out of sight. The truth is that even girls with perfectly straight hair are getting perms, which is proof of the natural curl dominance. Of course, hair care is of the utmost importance here, since curls tend to be under-moisturized due to their shape. Use shampoos and conditioners appropriate for your hair type, as well as supplements like hair vitamins. The benefits of hair vitamins are multiple – apart from nourishing your hair from inside out, they will also provide maintenance for healthy skin, even on the scalp. Make sure not to miss them!

Romantic caramel highlights
If you’re rocking chestnut brown hair, you’ll be thrilled to upgrade it with some stunning caramel highlights – these will provide extra warmth to your hair and overall look. The most important thing is to use proper tints that won’t dry out and damage your hair, which is why you should visit a professional hair salon. If you decide to go for this trend, bear in mind that ribbon highlighting is probably one of the best techniques for getting the most beautiful results. It’ll spiral your hair down with shiny shades and brighten your hair color to the max, therefore upgrading your look and making it more than appropriate for both spring and summer!
As you can see, each of these five hairstyles is more than trendy and beautiful – these will help your tresses look at their finest, which is exactly what you need this season. You won’t make a mistake whichever hairstyle you choose, and you know what? These are more than great if you want to experiment a bit and come up with a brand new you, so give them a try and you surely won’t regret it!

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Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She's passionate about traveling, fashion and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.” Find her on Facebook.