Lifestyle And Relationships : How Important Is Consistency In Our Daily Lives And Relationships?

Many who know me are very aware I am a true "Capricorn Female" and also a true believer in the word "Consistency", I always tell people - if you begin an adventure or a journey a certain way, stick to it, the minute you relax and divert from your course things will go crazy, and as we have seen in the world today many friendships, relationships, business partnerships have gone down the drain due to lack of consistency and also the influence of Social Media and Ideal Gossip.

Have you ever noticed how much happier those people are that are in good relationships vs. those that are in bad relationships are? I sure have. There is almost always a direct correlation. When people are in good relationships, their lives just seems to run more smoothly. These people realize they have someone or many people they can depend on, trust, and look to for companionship. This brings them comfort and peace knowing they have that support.

Consistency In Friendships and Relationships:
 I am speaking to both parties (Males and females) as I believe a relationship is not a "One Party" deal, I have seen relationships where one party starts off with sweet lovely gestures either to win the other party over, making life-changing promises and when things go along they relax and leave the job to the other partner, it does not work that way, if you do not stay consistent you will lose the spark and things will go downhill, if you change from how you were when you first started dating(honeymoon stage) ,and then you turn into this grumpy, ungrateful, self-centered individual who demands romance but is not ready to give romantic gestures, demands to be spoilt rotten but is not willing to also make the other party feel spoilt, how do you think your partner will feel? After a while they will begin to wonder just how much longer they will have to put up with your changes, mood swings, lack of consistency then everyone stops trying, this leads to disorderliness in the Home, a real relationship is about -Respect, Knowing when to Apologise rather than aggravate the other party, Kindness, Communication, giving eachother "Space", and knowing when  the other party is hurting without them having to say a word.

I have seen people lose something so great due to their failure to recognise when they are hurting their loved ones or Partners or friends, they stick to their egotistical behaviour rather than taking a step back to ask themselves how can I change?, how can I make you happy again?, what is it i do wrong that makes you upset? And to know the importance of when to use the word "I am Sorry", I always tell people love and happiness is not just about you, it's about making others around you feel loved and feel happy, My Advice to many Is this: Men never stop dating your wives and Women Never stop Flirting with your Husbands, the secret to a long lasting relationship is Fun, Laughter, Happiness and loads of Teasing/Romance/Sex/Love-Making, send surprising messages and flirty text when your partner is out and about or even when they are at work, be the reason people look down on their phones and smile and daydream, you must be able to see your partner as your best friend and your safe place, that partner that is ready to put that phone or gadget down and pay full attention to the needs of your other half, someone who is always ready to research tips and ways to add more spark to their relationship, now this kind of person will always have everlasting happiness in His/Her life.

One of the most common things I've seen that these people do to build and have those good relationships is the notion of consistency. They and the people they're involved with are more consistent with their interactions, both in behavior and communication, with one another. They begin to know what to expect because things are usually more repetitious.

Think about a friend of yours that has really been there for you and that you truly rely on. You're able to rely on them because they have been there for you time and time again. Otherwise, you wouldn't have any faith in being able to depend on them. What a great deal of peace and comfort that brings. Who wouldn't want that?

Let's hear the Opinion of others out there who believe in the Importance of Consistency:

I think it goes without saying that we obviously want positive outcomes and especially in our relationships, but how hard are we working to get those positive outcomes? What behaviors are we displaying that may or may not be consistent?

I was talking recently with someone who was in a debate about one of their pets. The issue was that one of them wanted to crate the animal overnight to keep the dog quieter and to keep it from tearing things up. The husband didn't want to crate the animal. This has been an ongoing source of contention because the dog running around all over the bed at night keeps her awake. The husband is a heavy sleeper, so the dog running all around doesn't bother him.

Well, this repetitive lack of sleep and some work issues have caused the wife to be in great stress and has led to some health issues. After a recent argument about the dog, the husband came to his wife a couple of hours later and told the wife to go ahead and quit her job, if she wanted to. He said that he knew the job was causing a great deal of stress and didn't want her to continue down this downward spiral. He told her that he would just pick up extra shifts at work to cover the difference in money. She was elated at just the idea of his support and that she had that option and wouldn't have to worry about the finances. A couple of days later she went to him and said that she was thinking of just going to part-time, so that she could still make some money so he wouldn't have to worry about working so much overtime. When she told him that, his response was "What? You can't do that. We'll starve. You have to work full-time." She said I don't understand, you just told me two days ago that you'd be okay with me quitting. His reply was - "I simply said that to calm you down about that dog." Yikes!!!!!
Senior Project Manager (Consulting) at Aon

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"I know of a very personal relationship, where the man got all the love and romance from the female, she goes out of her way to sing to him, send him romantic quotes and pictures, sends him jokes to make sure he smiles, she was such a happier soul when she first met him, and then he made her unhappy by changing from who he was to someone else, he was very misunderstanding when it came to being there for her when she needed him the most, the most painful part was that I saw things play out before my eyes and all I kept thinking to myself was (You Fool, you have one of the rarest gifts life could give but you threw it away due to your ego and lack of understanding and childishness), I remember having one to one chats with this guy, and telling him ways to rekindle his relationship with his partner but he would pretend to understand me and still go away and lash out at her and blame her for things he does wrong, he claims to understand the meaning of spirituality, life, karma and yet he crossed the line on many of those things by how he handled situations in his relationship and he wonders why things go wrong in his life, I came to a conclusion in my mind that things were never meant to be between him and that female because he does not know the value of good things, if he did he would never let trivial matters come between him and his happiness, if he valued the meaning of consistency and stayed true to his words and promises to his partner, I believe he would have still be the happiest and luckiest guy on earth to have a fun, weird, special relationship with this female, someone who believes she is a special kind of different and I for one am grateful to be a part of her world , so in my opinion consistency is very important because it builds trust and keeps us feeling secure and when you are dealing with someone that is inconsistent and irresponsible it really does hurt to see them hurt others who thought very highly of them." 
- Starlet  (Cake Baker, Student And Hair Technician)

Yes! It is very important.  You need to be consistent in your behavior, actions and what you mean and do.  You need to be predictable and dependable.  It makes your spouse feel safe and confident knowing they know who it is they are with and what to expect. It gives a feeling of security and confidence.  Who would want to be in a relationship with someone who is inconsistent? Unpredictable when it comes to doing special things together or giving special attention to you?...yes. Inconsistent? way! 
-Michael Thomas (25 years married.) Relationship & Success Coach for Men and Women.

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Consistency is so important in a relationship or friendship that I see a commitment to consistency as more important than the consistency itself. For when a person is committed to the idea, they will begin to self-correct which should be very meaningful to the other; and, when a lapse is pointed out the committed will be interested in discussing it constructively. This too will be very meaningful to the other. I feel that you are having a problem with consistency, but it may be your significant other who is inconsistent? If the problem is big, such as personal honesty,insecurity, inability to handle conflict, prefers to play the victim and assume they can do no wrong and make you feel like you are the bad guy just to get you to feel guilty then this is seen as emotional blackmail/abuse and no one should ever be subjected to feeling this way , everyone in this life deserves love and happiness, I always tell friends and family never stay in a toxic situation only to please the other party, lately people have lost the value of "Real Love" and relationship, sometimes it's all down to their past relationships that they feel so guarded they end up pushing away those the universe has sent their way to help heal them and sometimes it is such a shame as years from now they will look back at their actions and see their flaws and realise they should have done the right thing at the right time, I have met and had the most amazing contact with so many individuals and I have learnt a lot in life and during my journey to greatness and happiness, and I always stay grateful to the God for giving me a beautiful life and experience (Good and Bad), because they have helped me in shaping my future, today I am here to advise my readers, to value the meaning of Consistency in your daily lives and you will see how much easier things will be, never become one of those people who look back years later and say these words "Had I Known", no one is perfect in this life, staying consistent could be hardwork sometimes, but it is the effort in trying and showing your friends, partner, loved ones that you want to maintain a life filled with Love, fun, Happiness, and Consistency that counts, sometimes when I feel lost I Meditate, I shut out all the negativity and just meditate in my own zone, I advise couples and friends to do this together and if you have that person who is not willing to do this with you, that is fine, it's their Loss and your gain because you will know yourself and true form better.

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Below is a picture of how I meditate at home, I put on some slow meditation Music, light a few candles, incenses , clear my mind of anything that no longer serves me and I dive into the realm of peace and forgiveness , I never care about holding grudges because it will only bring me pain, rather I know the true meaning of "How people treat you is their karma and how you react is yours", so why bother wasting my precious energy , I welcome peace into my relationships and friendships and I share my spirituality with loved ones, and because I stay CONSISTENT with this path, things have always become clear for me. 

Below Are Some Quotes That have Inspired me in my personal Life and I have shared it with friends who have also benefited from reading and applying some of the positive advice from these quotes, I hope it helps you in your daily life.

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I do hope you have been able to learn a thing or two from this post and feel free to share it with loved ones.