Daily Motivation : Learn How To Keep Negative Minds And People Away From Your Positive Zone. #inspiration #qotd

Hey Lovelies,
I am sorry this post is long overdue, I have read your lovely emails and I appreciate all the tips and support, but I will shed light on the topic a little bit and when I am back I will go more into it.
Many times in life I find that many people are victims of other people's insecurities, for example when someone else cannot accomplish something in life, they make sure they impose such negative energy on you till you start lacking confidence in yourself, and you then begin to believe the lies and negative words they instill into your soul.

Speaking from personal experience I have come across various kinds of beings in my lifetime and I can strongly say it takes courage and strength to remove yourself from a toxic environment, you have to stay focused on the things that matter the most to you, on things that make you smile and happy, on things that uplift your soul and spirit, and if you realize that you are constantly in the midst of negative minds and toxic people - Remove yourself from that situation or it will change your whole being and you begin to reason like them and you lose focus on your dreams and aspirations.

 When you cut them off always prepare yourself for the "Drama" because they will play the Victim, they will twist the stories and make people believe you are the "monster" and you are the one who is negative and you made them do the things they did, "Sweetheart" do not let it affect you, they will never accept their faults but it's okay just pull yourself together and look ahead when life is ready to show them their faults it will happen but your prayer as a pure being and soul is to pray for them to have the strenght to face their "Inner Monster" because you would have grown in life and forged ahead with your journey.

Know This- there are certain types of individuals in life - The ones that take time to reflect upon their wrong deeds and the ones who always play the victim, seeking pity party and a congregation, never be affected by the lies they will spread about you because you alone know them for who they are, Cutting them off does not mean you do not love or care for them "Oh No", it simply means you love yourself enough to free your space of Negative energy and people No matter who they are. Always make a decision your future will thank you for and watch how your life will transform.

Need I Say More,...
 So for those of you out there wondering how to take that step in changing your life and reliving yourself of the Negative Leeches or Negative energy Draining you daily, do not be afraid- Go For It- And let life handle the rest, remember whatever energy you put out to the universe comes back in three folds, always try to do good for others, put a smile on peoples face, be kind and do good always and even though in the end it comes back to bite you ,sometimes people will be ungrateful, some will call you "Wicked" when all you have ever done for them is "shown them kindness" and left yourself without, Some will try to belittle and disregard you, your help and effort "But do not worry because in life I always say "Never give to Receive" do it from your heart and let life or "KARMA" handle those who are out to cause you any kind of pain or Misdeeds.

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Give the gift of your absence to those who do not appreciate your presence. Have a Blessed Day My Lovelies .