How To Feng Shui Your Home: Learn How To Attract Positive Energy Into Your Home With These Tips.

It's during times like this one must take good care of themselves and surroundings. We are all restricted on a lot lately and the last thing you need is to be stuck in a home that feels negative and toxic, this is a topic I tend to talk about a lot lately especially because we are all having to be at home more.
 Our homes should be a place we love, where we enjoy waking up and coming back home to. If you want to breathe more life into your living space by creating a happy, healthy and welcoming environment, then there's no better place to start than with the principles of feng shui, and in a nutshell, Its principles maintain that we live in harmony with our environment.
Homes are a reflection of those that live in it. If any part is missing, neglected or has negative energy then this is reflected in the life of its occupant. We have to take care of our homes the same way we take care of ourselves. Your home can drastically affect your mood. When we're seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting things we like, we feel good and healthy, but when we're surrounded by things that are aesthetically displeasing or trigger painful memories, we feel bad. I am here to tell you that it's possible to bring more positivity into your life simply by rearranging your living space.
Ensure that furniture for the living room is in proportion to space. Do not block any doors with furniture and position the main sofa against a wall this sets the tone for the other aspects of the living room. Additional Tip-  To activate wealth energy in your home, place a lamp in the corner of the room (diagonally opposite the room door), there are certain plants that help attract positive energy and abundance into the home, I will do a post on this soon.
Use Essential Oils
Essential oils are one of my all-time favourite ways to increase positive energy in any space.
Essential oils are used for many things including- reducing stress, boosting mood, alleviating anxiety and depression, increasing focus and concentration, and promoting peaceful sleep. I would recommend using a diffuser as this will add that extra push the oil needs to exude beautiful fragrance around your home, I use diffusers in every corner of my home and sometimes I add my homemade oils to attract a very powerful and positive vibe into my home. 
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However here are five oils that I recommend and their uses:
Lavender soothes and calms you. It promotes a sense of well-being and reduces stress.
Sweet orange supports a positive mood. It’s a very uplifting oil that also inspires creativity.
Ylang Ylang calms and relaxes you. It can help reduce feelings of anger.
Bergamont alleviates anxiety, fatigue, and stress.
Frankincense promotes focus and concentration. It also helps balance emotions.
These are only some of the many essential oils that can bring positive energy and peace to your home, there are many more oils out there with different uses, experiment to figure out which ones work best for you.
Declutter Your Surrounding 
Clutter is stressful. I can’t stand seeing piles of stuff everywhere, and I definitely cannot function on a messy desk. However, I know it’s easy to let things pile up around the house, especially during the week when you’re tired after work and all, So, use this period to start decluttering your home and get rid of things you don’t need. You’ll probably be surprised by how much you can eliminate to help organize your living space.
A clean, clutter-free space will provide you with a sense of peace and calm. It’ll help ease your mind because you won’t constantly look around thinking about how you “need to clean that up” or “need to organize that.”
Home Decor
Decorate your home with things that make you happy. Wall decorations with cute sayings like “Live, Laugh, Love,” “Live Your Dream,” or other inspiring quotes add positive vibes to any room. Decorate your home using your favourite Colours. Colour is a powerful influencer, and the way we feel when we see a colour we dislike can affect us physically and emotionally, We may suddenly feel exhausted, anxious, or angry and have no idea what is causing this, but unbeknownst to you, it might be a colour in your surrounding that is triggering these feelings, you may have known you hated a colour but didn’t realize the colour was actually adding to your anxiety, this is something that also happened to me a while back that is why I have always loved the colour white as it represents (Pure, Bright, Protection, Healing, Positivity) and all my walls are painted in White.
On the flip side, putting up art, decorations and furniture that are your favourite colour or complementary colours can keep you feeling positive.
Lastly, Make Your Bed
Growing up I am sure your parents annoyed you when they nagged you about tidying up your room/bed/wardrobe etc, but a well-made bed really can help you feel ready to start your day and go to sleep peacefully at night,  having an organized environment sets the tone for the day.
Give it a try today, you’ll be amazed at its power, especially when you walk into the bedroom at the end of the day, and it looks inviting and comfy. You just can’t wait to jump into bed at night and get a good night’s sleep.
I do hope these tips have been helpful in some way, please leave comments below on how you attract positive energy into your own home and also check out my next post below.


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