Food Recipe : Quick And Easy Homemade Yogurt Dessert.

So we are all home and need to sometimes relax and unwind during these stressful times, Today I made a quick and easy homemade "Yogurt Dessert".
My Simple Recipe:
1. Digestive Biscuits
2. Butter
3. Honey
4. Strawberry Yogurt
5. Strawberry Fruits
6. Blueberries
1. Crush some digestive biscuits and mix with melted butter, Add it to a glass cup and leave it in the fridge to set.
2. Dice up some fresh strawberries (Feel free to add any berry fruit of your choice )
3. Bring the glass cup out of the fridge and pour in your ready-mixed "Strawberry Yogurt" and honey.
4. Add your diced strawberries and blueberry on top of the yogurt.
5. Lastly, Garnish the top with some dry grounded digestive biscuits and Voila.
Bon Appetite 
Linda O Bella


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