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So a little catch-up, I recently went back to hosting some of my virtual shows which I started back in 2010, It is an online version of my Magazine (OTSM) the only difference is I interview the amazing personalities that help beautify the VU community such as (Developers, 3D Meshers, Models, Graphics And Creative Designers etc).
Today's post will be very different from my other posts, this lets you see more of what I enjoy doing, as you all know I love to spread positivity and good vibes, I love seeing others happy and having fun, this weekend I had a show with an online "Virtual Entrepreneur" In this feature she will be sharing her views, journey and motivation with us all, she will also tell us "How She Turned Her Virtual Business Into A Real-Life Business". [Enjoy]
LB: Hi Yalla, Welcome to the show, please tell us a little bit more about yourself and your lifestyle.
YALLA: Hi Linda! Thank you so much for having me! So for those who don’t know. My name is Yalla, I’m 24 and I’m a virtual creator online, but offline I am a beauty connoisseur and I strongly believe in women empowerment.
LB: When and What made you join This Virtual World? 
YALLA: I don’t remember exactly when I joined VU, but it was back in the days where VU was still 2 windows applications, so it has been a while.
I think for back in the days, VU was very unique for its kind. You could literally make your fantasy character. 
Nowadays, people recreate real life with their avatars, but I feel like back in the days the top pages items were always crazier stuff like abundant glitters, crazy hair and the most glamorous outfits.
LB: At what point did you decide to become a developer and what made you take Developing more seriously and make a career out of it online?
YALLA: So, a few years ago I decided to get back on VU after a long break and I found myself wanting to make my own platinum hair after I found out my original hair creator stopped her shop.
And the new trend when I got back was having baby hairs attached to the hair. Btw that NEVER existed back in the days, we had no edges.
So I started making and eventually selling baby hairs for other online creators and that’s when I met Stessy, she was already in the creating industry and since we both speak French, we clicked immediately.
She really encouraged me to start a shop and putting out clothes and other items. So that’s what ignited everything. 
LB: I see you as an “Entrepreneur”, a Goal getter, so please tell us – How did you turn your Online Virtual Business into a Real-Life Business? Also, what made you launch & what is the concept behind it?
YALLA: Well, it is very simple, just like in real life everything is getting automated. I was still manually sending people files for their baby hair purchases. I decided to make an instant download website to facilitate customer purchases.
LB: As the founder and Creative Director of  YALLADOLL.COM, what does a workday look like for you?
YALLA: Working online is totally a different lifestyle from a 9 to 5. I am not a morning person at all, and I hate working on a fixed schedule. So, my workday really depends on if I have things planned, how I’m feeling and basically a lot of self-discipline. I easily put in 50 hours + per week, just because I will be working without noticing it. For example, responding to my business Instagram DMS during bedtime. Being your own boss, you tend to give yourself extra hours, so you need to know when to give yourself a vacation.
LB: As an entrepreneur, what is it that motivates and drives you?
YALLA: I think people that have an entrepreneurial spirit love that feeling of progress and achievement. I’m an avid online gamer and in many of the games, you unlock a new level. I think like an entrepreneur, I kind of get the same feeling of accomplishment when I unlock something new after hours of grinding, you see your own growth and that is really satisfying to me.
LB: In one word, describe your life as an entrepreneur.
YALLA: Simply “growth”, because for me “bettering yourself” is a lifelong journey.
LB: When you create these amazing designs, where do you draw your inspiration from? Secondly, what was the inspiration behind one of my favourite collection of yours “Reflective Bodysuits” Girl the colours, the shades, the Curves & everything got me wanting to play Nintendo and just keep pressing the button pads nonstop, how do you come up with your bespoke concepts? 
YALLA: Of course, like many virtual creators we take inspiration from real life. I feel like sometimes in real life we don’t have the guts to wear a certain type of clothing.
But with VU, there are no boundaries, you are free to escape and fantasize. You can be the YOU that you want. And I think that also helps many people to build real confidence and self-esteem in real life, to just be themselves. 
LB: Wow, over 4,952 products you have made via the VU website, I would love to applaud and commend you on your dedication to the task as a creative Artist and Developer, because creating things on Imvu is not easy so I see it as Art, What kept you focused on your goal as a developer on the VU World?
YALLA: You just have to keep going, appreciate your journey, your growth and where you came from. 
I believe that sometimes we just need to look back at like 10 years ago and be like WOW I came from that; I overcame that or just pay respect to your progress.
That way, it motivates you to do even better in the future and you become your own example of “growth is possible”.
LB: So, this is a favourite thing of mine, I love to do this to all my guest and today you are on my hot seat- Let’s take you back in time to the days of the dinosaurs, the Stone age where VU Feet’s could speak when we take off our shoes and those default hammer feet break the ground, to the days when we wear the wrong earring or accessories and out pops our bubbleheads, to the days when the room owner leaves we find ourselves sitting alone in a coffee shop of doom and gloom “lol”, I am taking you back in time to when you made – “Shalyse Caramel”, Gurl did you ever think you were going to make it this far as a Developer & Entrepreneur and what kept you motivated?
YALLA: OH MY GOD, I can’t believe you dug into my oldest archives. :O
I am not gonna lie, I have tried many times in the “stone ages” to make my shop pop. Just like real life, I think it has something to do with timing and luck. 
When I came back to VU a few years ago, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Things just happen sometimes, and life is full of surprises. :p 
LB: Would you ever someday consider creating Male Outfits? because I think with your vision and Ideas you would create some amazing male fashion lines.
YALLA: I actually have a small YALLA male line modelled by my Yalla Kings. 
However, it is so hard for me to find inspiration since I’m such a girly girl. So, if any of you have requests or ideas, you can always DM me.
LB: What are the most valuable lessons you have learned as a Virtual Entrepreneur?
YALLA: I think it’s very much like real life. Stay open to new ideas and keep innovating really.
LB: Since you started developing till date, what has been your most exciting project to work on, and what are some of your latest & upcoming projects?
YALLA: Honestly, I have this nostalgic memory of my first Yalla Fashion Show. It was honestly everything I dreamed of, a room full of crystals: glamorous, pink and extravagant.
Looking forward to Fall 2020, we have many exciting projects coming, such as Project Pixel with Zteff, models stay tuned! And for those who didn’t know The Dolls also have an event every month, where we welcome guests, so our July delicious event will be announced on Monday the 13th. I hope you’re hungry ^^!
LB: Oh I will be there! What advice would you give to anyone wanting to become a Virtual Entrepreneur or to an aspiring developer trying to find their niche via the VU community?
YALLA: Find a style that’s unique to you and follow your vision. Honestly, creating for yourself is the easiest way to start. 
LB: If you could change anything about the VU world today what would it be?
YALLA: I mean certainly there’s the negativity that is very unnecessary. Of course, it will always exist and you can’t escape it. But at the end of the day, we get on VU to escape real life and have fun, so toxic energy is something I would never bother to focus on.
LB: I am in complete agreement, all who truly know me well know that I detest negative and toxic people, energy vampires, people who dwell on negativity and take pride in pulling others down, I always try to encourage those around me to get on with each other and talk things out "Maturely"  so I am glad to hear you have the same mindset. So, What Is your Philosophy in life?
YALLA: Don’t do something you wouldn’t want others to do to you. That’s like one of my main rules and guidelines for myself.
LB: What does Yalla do for fun when she is not creating or busy working/organising events?
YALLA: I am actually quite an avid gamer, So, anything from League of legend, COD, World of Warcraft, mine craft, all that good stuff, I played it all
LB: FUN Question- Now there is no way in hell you can deny the fact you are naughty, kinky and embody sexiness- I mean common I checked out these lingerie “ Kinky Lingerie Bra ROSE ” will you create more AP outfits in the future or will it still be predominantly “GA” OUTFITS, which are also beautiful.
YALLA: I used to love making AP, but many of my shoppers didn’t have access to it. So, it was an easy choice for me to decide to make GA only and always keeping it as sexy as possible 😉!
LB: What do you put your success down to?
YALLA: No matter what happens in life, where there’s a will, there’s always a way. Sometimes, in life, you feel so stuck, but that willpower will make you think outside of the box to get you where you want to be even though you have to use another path but that is completely fine. So, I think by strongly believing in your vision, you will always find a way to achieve your goals.
LB: Aw that is brilliantly said!. Yalla, what would you say are the key elements for starting and running a successful business?
YALLA: Be unique, have a vision of your own and believe in your cause or the purpose of your business. 
LB: Who inspires you in life?
YALLA: Women, of all different types of ethnicities and backgrounds. Growing up amongst so many independent strong women, it really has inspired me to stand tall on my own as well. 
LB: What are your future plans and where do you visualize your brand in the next 5 years? 
YALLA: I love anything that’s virtual because you can fantasize and create things that aren’t possible in real life, but eventually I would love to have my own fashion store of peculiar goods.
LB: Do you have any advice you’d like to give to your younger self?
YALLA: I wish I knew myself better quicker so I could aim towards something that I was passionate about. I have changed my path many times, from wanting to be a pharmacist, then architect and finally decided to go into business school.
LB: What is your must-have fashion item?
YALLA: I’m obsessed with shoes. Before looking at someone’s face I look down at their feet for a quick peek. I think having a nice pair of white sneakers is a must. You can wear other pieces to “elevate” your outfit, but everyday white sneakers is a “passe-partout”.
LB: Any last words for your fans and supporters out there?
YALLA: I want to thank you all for your love and support. Like always I’m very open to all your suggestions, questions or just chat. So don’t be scared to hit me up in the DMs.
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