Interior Styling: Zen Up Your Home Office Using Feng Shui.

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Working from home has numerous advantages, including being able to organize your own time and staying close to your family. However, it also comes with a set of challenges, one of which is undoubtedly organizing your home office in a way that encourages productivity. The idea that the environment affects our mood, focus and performance is not something new. We can trace back its origins to the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui, which has the goal of harmonizing individuals with their surroundings. Here are a few ideas you can steal from this practice to get some much-needed Zen into your home office.

Lifestyle : Inspirational Daily Habits of Successful Women

Aiming to the top is never easy, especially when you have plenty of other important lifestyle aspects to deal with like women usually do. Juggling career and family life together with socializing and proper self-care seem almost impossible to do successfully. But there are still plenty of ladies that work hard in order to show us that everything can be achieved with healthy habits and consistency.

Virtual Lifestyle: 'How I turned My Virtual Business To A Real Life Business' Exclusive Interview With Entrepreneur - YALLA

Hello Dearies, 
So a little catch-up, I recently went back to hosting some of my virtual shows which I started back in 2010, It is an online version of my Magazine (OTSM) the only difference is I interview the amazing personalities that help beautify the VU community such as (Developers, 3D Meshers, Models, Graphics And Creative Designers etc).
Today's post will be very different from my other posts, this lets you see more of what I enjoy doing, as you all know I love to spread positivity and good vibes, I love seeing others happy and having fun, this weekend I had a show with an online "Virtual Entrepreneur" In this feature she will be sharing her views, journey and motivation with us all, she will also tell us "How She Turned Her Virtual Business Into A Real-Life Business". [Enjoy]