Lifestyle: Never Stop Believing In The Beauty Of Your Dreams.

We live in a world where people are quick to let go of their dreams and aspiration either because someone did not believe in them enough or they saw someone doing better than them and they gave up. We live in dark times right now, the world is filled with naysayers, negative people, toxic energy, energy vampires, and Ill-Wishers who enjoy seeing others suffering and struggling- believe me I have come across people like this so I know exactly what I am talking about.

From Personal experience, I came to realise that no matter how much you love them or wish them well genuinely, they will still harbour hate in their heart towards you and send negative vibes your way but you have to rise above it and wish them well, also "Forgive Them".  Did I just say "Forgive," you say? Lol! I know it may sound so "Buddha Diaries" but trust me forgiving them is not about them, it's about you, It gives you that relief, that freedom, It takes the load off your chest because you have done what many in this world can not do and that is letting go and forgiving those who hurt you, especially the ones that were never sorry or think they do not owe you any apologies.

Don't be scared to chase your dreams, no matter how little it may seem to you, go after it, live the life you have always imagined, Visualise your life - Using the Law Of Attraction is something I had to master. Many of what I own or surround myself with today I had to dream about them and if I cannot afford it - I Create It ♥. The way the world is today, people will have to rely more on their personal skills and abilities to bring things to life, so no matter what it is you want to do, write it down and start speaking positive affirmations over your dream or idea, Close your eyes and visualise it to be successful and stay positive. Remember -Rome was not built in a day, so know that it doesn't work overnight but if you keep believing and not relenting or allowing the negative thoughts, people , naysayers and those toxic energies to drain and distract you, then you will see success in all you do. I am also learning to stay positive and strong during this period, I crave positivity and sometimes this is difficult when you see so much negativity in the world, I am currently on a social media detox break, I do this occasionally so I can focus on other things, Social media is good however it can be a very toxic place especially with the "Memes", you have to know how to discipline yourself and not mind so you do not get sucked into the "drama pool". 
Remember to stay true to yourself and your aspirations, No dream is too small, You are never too old to build an empire and it's never too late to start a new dream. 
I wish you all a lovely day, Please do email me your tips and ideas for the next posts and feel free to share this post with someone who needs to hear these words.


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