Beauty Tips: Give A Woman The Right Lipstick And She Can Conquer The World.

Lipstick can't solve all problems but it's a great start lol, choosing the right lipstick for your lips is very important as you all know we all have different lip shapes and sizes, For example - even though I love red lipstick, I have to choose the shade carefully or I could end up looking like "Bobo The Clown or IT the Clown". Red lipstick is the go-to for me and for many ladies as it makes your lips bigger and fuller.

To achieve beautiful lips- Lip liner also plays a very important role. Lip liner is kind of a big deal. It’s the secret to longer-wearing lipstick, preventing colour bleeding, and the key to a fuller-looking pout. With a good lip liner, you can completely change the shape of your lips, add symmetry, and redefine them. 
Here's my advice- Go Darker for a Bolder Look
When choosing a lip liner, it doesn’t need to be the exact same shade as the lipstick you want to use, it really depends on the look you’re trying to achieve. For a more dramatic, defined, and sexy lip, then you can go one or two shades deeper or would I say Darker than your lipstick but stick to the same shade family. 
One advice I took seriously was to always choose a lip liner in the same color family as your lipstick. For example, if your lipstick has purple undertones, choose a lip liner that also has purple undertones. If you’re using red lipstick, use a red lip liner, some people try to use dark pink or a pink liner but this would clash – know that the lip liner and lipstick don’t need to be identical, it should be in the same shade family so when you apply it, It will blend in perfectly with your lipstick giving you that perfect finish.
When it comes to choosing the right lip color, it’s all about your skin tone.
Fair skin: Nudes and corals will give your look a polished finish; opt for red as a bold color. Walk away from burgundy - it’ll wash you out!
Pink undertones: Stick with your natural palette - pinks, corals, and orangish-red all look super glam. Stay away from blue-based reds, though - it’ll take your look in the wrong direction.
Olive-toned skin: Almost anything goes! Over at Beauty Riot, Stapleton suggests coral will turn heads. Avoid colours that clash with your undertones, like browns and purplish reds.
Yellow undertones: Opt for reds that have blue as a base tone. Nudes and bronze colors also work like a dream.
Dark skin: Make a big splash with reds and corals, which will contrast with your skin tone in an oh-so-perfect way.
A little secret, As much as I love makeup, I do not apply makeup daily, I love giving my skin the chance to breathe, However, the reason I love wearing lipstick lately is that it can act as a protective shield both physically and emotionally, I wear it on good days and bad days. when you look in the mirror even when you are not going out, the right lipstick shade gives you a feeling- that you can conquer the world, now I am not saying you won't feel this way without lipstick on but most of you queens reading this know exactly what I am talking about. It gives me that feeling that I am about to take on a powerful project and excel at it, I know it may seem or sound silly. I mean, it’s just lipstick but It does do the trick. 


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