Lifestyle: Ways To Stay Positive And Motivated Daily.

 Being positive means you are choosing to see the bright and beautiful side of things. It means that you can recognize that struggle and pain are not the only things out there, even if they are the only things you can see at the time, It means you are trying to do all within your power/abilities to rise above all negativity. 

No matter whether you are learning to be positive or trying to stay positive, I hope these tips will help you stay optimistic and it will help you look on the bright side, even if you aren’t sure one exists, believe me sometimes I yell at the universe and ask it to please give me a break!! but then I realise my experiences are what make me who I am today.

Kickstart your day positively, this can be hard for a lot of us Myself included, but you can choose to embrace the day and start it off with something positive, like a quick workout or a calming meditation session, If you can afford it then - you can try to avoid even getting out of bed, just do all within your ability to make sure you start the day right. Then make sure you eat breakfast because eating breakfast helps improve one's mood and provides people with stable energy throughout the day. This helps prevent drops in blood sugar that can lead to crankiness, anxiety, and fatigue. Start your day off with a lot of fibre and nutrients, lean protein, healthy fats, and whole-grain carbohydrates.
One of the keys to staying positive and focused in life is health and fitness. Regular exercise boosts your mood, releases endorphins that make you feel better and help improve your mental and physical well-being. With the lockdown, this has become increasingly difficult for a lot of people to do, but even indoors (thanks to Youtube Videos)  click on one of those short exercises/warm-ups and just do it, It will help you feel better, at first it did not work for me but as time went on I started enjoying it.
Surround yourself with people who bring you up instead of down. It is very important we take a look at the people we spend the majority of time with. You may not have control of this when it comes to your workplace, but outside of that, have the courage to let go of people who impact your life negatively. If you have a friend who is constantly negative, try to distance yourself from that person. If someone is always complaining about their life or their situation, the negativity is likely to rub off on you and put you into a similar mindset. Likewise, if you are with people who are positive about their lives, they will be able to influence you to feel the same, No one is perfect but I always say - Selflove is not Selfish, you have to always choose your happiness because when you are happy- you can make others happy.
Lastly, Make your home a positive environment. Staying positive is easier when you live in a positive environment. Your home should feel like a place of rest and acceptance. It should be a place where you do a lot of healthy activities. The things that make you happy that are not mind draining activities like watching too much TV.
 Our homes can really represent who we are. If you wake up and live in a positive environment, you are likely to be able to carry that attitude over to your everyday life. What we do at home shapes our mood, has an impact on our productivity, and affects our outlook on life, I love to surround myself with bright and positive colours because they help boost my mood, I stare at a section in my home and close my eyes, I visualise every outcome I desire, Of cos, it's not "Hocus Pocus" but it does help you feel calm.
Studies have shown that we can increase our positivity by adjusting the small habits and routines that make up our daily lives. Make small, positive changes at home such as making your bed each morning or tidying up each room before you leave it. These small things can make a big difference in your outlook on life. 
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