Lifestyle: What This World Needs Is More People Spreading Love And Not Hate. #SayNoToRacism

 I am sure many of you are aware of the ongoing situation in the world today and no I am not talking about COVID, I am talking about the ongoing "Racial Discrimination" and people thinking this race is better than that race, Newsflash people there is only One Race and that's the "Human Race". This whole racial discrimination topic is always a very sensitive one for me because I have personally experienced it first hand so I can relate ( Imagine going to an organisation for help and you are told- We don't normally help women your type, and I thought she meant single mothers like myself, but Lo and Behold I was corrected when she said No - Your ethnicity, Black Women) because I was in dire need of help I did not grumble or complain I took every insult that came my way. I have also experienced such treatment from my fellow ethnic group so this post is not about what ethnicity is better than the other, it's about respect for eachother and spreading love instead of hate. 

Fastwording on to 21st century I did not let my past experiences turn me bitter against any ethnicity in fact, every experience I have been through made me stronger, It made me want to spread more love than hate, It made me want to do more if I can and that's what happens when you are able to forgive and free your heart and mind of hate.
At a time when it's evident that change is necessary to address the racial injustice that currently prevails in the world today, we have to constantly fill our minds with empowering and positive things.
That is why we all have to commit ourselves to be actively anti-racist in our attitudes and our behaviours. Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world even with a simple act like spreading awareness.
We all should rise, above the clouds of ignorance, narrowness, and selfishness, Instead, we should look forward to the time when the power to love will replace the love of power. Only then will our world know the blessings of peace. The issue with our world today is that people are blinded by their skin tone, the shell, the surface, the outlook that they forget to look inward and see we are all the same, we all bleed red, have the same skeletal colour, in the end, we all end up the same way, no one gets out of this world "Alive". It really upset me when I started seeing posts lately that featured attacks on the "Asian Community" blaming them for the Virus? Discriminating them for the way they Look?  Don't even get me started on the words and sort of languages used on them, that really goes to show that this world needs deep cleansing and healing. The virus today is "Hate", once people can stand up against Racism and spreading hateful vibes and negativity, this world will slowly begin to heal.
During times of Major crises, people’s concern for personal safety increases and we tend to experience heightened anxiety. One effect of this heightened anxiety is that it can intensify bias and discrimination. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis many individuals, particularly those from East Asian backgrounds, they experienced more of racism and xenophobia. East Asian individuals have been unfairly targeted for discrimination and it really saddens me, this issue seems to be getting worse around the world now, On social media, I have seen gruesome videos showing the elderly Asians get pushed and shoved, This is not about whose community deserves more attention than the other as that is what I have observed lately, this post is about telling each and every one of you that all our lives matter, no one deserves to be treated poorly, No one should have the right to take another human's life if you can't create one.
According to "ADAA.ORG" - Historical and present contexts place individuals from East Asian backgrounds at greater risk of discrimination. Presently, Asian individuals have been unfairly targeted by being accused of having COVID-19 when expressing normal, non-illness related coughing or sneezing and when demonstrating symptoms of a common cold or seasonal flu. In addition, East Asian individuals have been more likely to experience negative consequences of showing symptoms, such as “victim-blaming” and accusing the culture as the reason for the disease, experiencing racialized violence when showing symptoms, such as slurs or glares, and being removed from public spaces (e.g., asking them to leave classrooms, workplaces).
I would ask each and everyone one of you reading this to take a moment, take a step back and really Look- See what is going on in the world, researched healthily trust me it's easy to get drawn in and overwhelmed while reading and watching any triggering video. I know I can't single-handedly change the world but if by putting this out there it somehow educates someone, then that is enough for me.
Remember we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, let's learn to spread more love and affection, Kindness is free so be generous with it, be kind with your words as you do not know what battle the next person is fighting. 
Sending you all brightest blessings and good vibes always.

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