Beauty Talk : I have fallen In Love With Monat's REJUVENIQE® Oil Intensive, Find Out Why Below.

Do something today so your skin and hair thanks you tomorrow, with everything going on in the world today it can put some strain on your skin and hair. So Invest in your skin because it's going to represent you for a very long time, Taking care of your skin is more important than covering it up and the same thing applies to Hair. That's why today I will be doing a little write up about Monat's Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive.
Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive is a light, non-greasy combination of rare oils that because of its unique molecular structure - mimics the body's own oils to absorb more deeply and moisturize more effectively.  
All the ingredients in the Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive are naturally-based and products do not contain parabens, sulfates, PEG, and other harmful ingredients.
The main oil used is Abyssinian Oil, which is a light oil produced from the Abyssinian plant seeds (it belongs to the mustard plant family) and contains a high mix of C22 fatty acids, which are especially nourishing and beneficial to the skin and hair. On the skin, Abyssinian oil helps to provide moisture without clogging pores.  The oil treatment also includes Camelia which I absolutely love, Also- carrot seed, and meadowfoam oils among others.  The mixture of oils and ingredients in this treatment creates a light citrus scent that entices you.
The bottle itself is sleek, with a cool futuristic press down dropper, It's a beautiful fun packaging design.
The multi-purpose oil treatment can be used on both hair and skin. When I first squeezed a drop of the thick oil onto my hand loved the silky feeling, I do have dry and sensitive skin but an oily face and I was like - Yep! this oil is going to give me loads of Acne breakouts and spots due to my Oily skin, however, it's the opposite, Don’t let the consistency scare you, it’s thick in a luxurious way yet still manages to feel light-weight on my skin and does not leave any greasy residue on my hand, skin, or in my hair, though I prefer to use it mainly on Skin as I have thick natural Afro Hair and it absorbs so much oil & Moisture, I'd rather not use up all my Rejuveniqe oil on this "Thick Forest" lol, I love the silky feeling on my Skin, Hands and Feet, Also I like the fact it does not leave your face looking like you poured a whole bottle of "Highlighter" on your skin - ( Ever seen the reflector face AKA Shiny), that's why I use to dread using any sort of oil on my skin but this works magic guys.
Knowing how to use Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive matters. In most cases, a few drops are all you need but in other cases, more is better. Either way, you will see the benefits immediately by applying it to targeted areas on your hair, skin and scalp. With continued use, the benefits keep improving! The oil treatment claims that it will protect skin and hair from damaging environmental influence, It will help to naturally replenish sebum and alleviate dehydration caused by harsh cleaners and styling.
REJUVENIQUE™ helps reduce frizz, correct split ends, and restore unprecedented shine and manageability. Use it before and after washing your hair, as a treatment for balancing the pH of your scalp, and to help provide a healthy environment for new hair growth.
There are over 101 uses for this oil - Amazing Right!!! I was blown away when I read everything via - Dailycupofjojo's Blog check it out, you might see something you like.
Extra Tip:
Get extra hydration by blending a few drops into your moisturizer before applying. Or smooth and extend your foundation or mascara by adding a couple drops to your make-up. You can apply Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive directly to your skin morning and night. It helps to smooth the skin, increase elasticity, reduce puffiness and dark circles under your eyes. You can use it as a make-up or lipstick primer, smooth and tame your eyebrows, soothe cold sores and minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive can also be used as a make-up remover and it even helps with acne by balancing the skin's natural oils. Men love it to moisturize their skin after shaving or to smooth the skin under their beard.
*Make sure you do a patch test first before using, as you all know everyone reacts differently to ingredients*
Last year I did a write up about Monat - (Check It Out Here,) So you have a better understanding when it comes to the variety of products they offer. My Girl Jill Caputo introduced me to Monat, I won't lie I was dismissive and sceptical at first, but on trying some of their products, I must confess I do really like them, even when I have gifted it to close friends, they had good experiences with the product, what can I say, you never know if you like something until you try it.
If you need more information on the best products to use for your specific needs, please don't hesitate to contact - Jill Caputo (Click Image Below)

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