Fashion Post: Winter Wardrobe Essentials You Must Have.

Winter is here, but how do we still dress fashionable without sacrificing our Fashion Sense? Whenever it's winter season, deciding what to wear can be incredibly important and also sometimes stressful for me as winter is not my favorite season lol. However when it comes to the Winter season, see it as an opportunity to have fun with clothes, then you probably can’t wait to add new fabrics, textures, and layers to your winter wardrobe. 
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This short video below by a fashionista I adore (Kerina Wang), For those who need a little boost when it comes to sorting out your winter wardrobe, this will definitely help you out.
Your first buy of the season should be a coat. Your outerwear is the most important aspect of your winter wardrobe, and a nice, warm, and cozy colored sweater, I love sweaters, I love adding more warm colors to my wardrobe ( Browns, grey, beige, dark red, Black). Ever heard of the phrase "Dress Warm" some colors actually make you feel warm when you add them to your clothing.
As you all know a warm sweater is one of the first items of clothing you will want to think about when putting together your winter essentials for this season, don't forget to Invest in a cashmere scarf in a neutral color because it adds that extra magic to your look.
When shopping for your winter wardrobe outfits, Look for modern silhouettes and fashion-forward details to stand out from the crowd. Consider a looser fit to ensure wearability over chunky layers. Look for relaxed outfits that you can comfortably layer over a long-sleeved top.
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Oh before I forget, Sweater dresses, Sock-boots, and knee-high boots are back in full force for Winter fashion. I suggest wearing them with a cute faux fur jacket and an oversize bag.
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It’s also obvious that sweaters are winter staples, don't forget to pair your outfit with a cute pom pom hat for the ultimate cold-weather outfit.
Photo| Joseph Cooper
Faux Leather Leggings Are Another Great Winter Wardrobe Essential:
According to Amy Jackson (Founder of Fashion Jackson), These are a total non-negotiable when it comes to curating your winter wardrobe. If you haven’t had a chance to read my Spanx vs. Commando faux leather leggings review yet, check that out so you know which pair you like for yourself more! They’re just such a great staple piece for a fall wardrobe. The faux leather look offers an elevated version of a comfortable classic, plus they look great with booties, over-the-knee boots, and sneakers for cold weather days.
Amy Jackson Wearing -Commando Faux Leather Leggings, Plaid-Coat, Combat Boots. (See More)
Don't forget, the Winter season is the best time to surround your home with warm, beautiful vibes and energy, it's already cold and miserable out there, you want to make sure you come home to a beautiful and warm environment.
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I hope these little tips have been somewhat helpful, stay tuned for more.
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