Beauty Chat 101: Your Skin Is An Investment Not An Expense.| Erborian Ginseng Infusion.

Self-care starts with skincare. Don't believe me? Let me give you a little example below.
So you know how I am always all about self-love, selfless acts of love, breathing in positivity, exhaling negativity, and all that, well while doing all that I realized I needed to pay attention to the language my skin was speaking and she was speaking "STRESS". Stress has a huge impact on our skin, it's something that cannot be avoided, as much as you want to be kumbaya! Life and its daily activities will have your skin screaming in different languages. I very recently decided while doing meditation, breathing exercises, working out and etc, I needed to pay extra attention to my skincare regimen as well as my health.
Before you read further please note that this is NOT an AD, it's my personal opinion about these products, and also included in this post is an authentic review from our lifestyle editor Melissa which I will share later in this post.
Erborian Ginseng Infusion Beauty Products
Erborian Ginseng Infusion 
I have very sensitive skin, it's oily and acne prone that's why I must be very hesitant before trying out new products on my skin. A while ago I posted about my newfound love for Erborian skin care products. The reason I am starting to like this brand more is because of the way it leaves my skin feeling after a home facial or after my nighttime beauty routine.
I will also share an authentic review written by a lovely friend and colleague, I made her try the Erborian Yuza Sorbet (Night) because I knew she had the same mindset as me when it comes to taking care of the skin and her beautifully written review may convince you when it comes to the importance of taking good care of your skin and investing in a good skin care product.
Where did my motivation come from?.
I saw a quote that goes "Loving your skin isn't vanity, it's sanity". This is absolutely true. In life, we will come across people who will make us feel guilty for trying to take good care of ourselves, they will guilt-trip you into believing you are being vain for wanting the good things of life but tell that voice to - Shut the hell up, like my lovely Korean friends would say "ib dagchyeo". You deserve everything good and beautiful in life. You deserve to feel and look good, if putting yourself and skincare first will make you feel this way then do it.
When I write articles, I feel like I am writing in my diary but I am sharing it with you all, giving you a glimpse into what goes on in my head.

I remember I spent most of my life doing things to please others, trying not to hurt other people's feelings while hurting myself, but someday you wake up and choose YOU, that way you can function at your very best and be there for those who deserve you. 
A friend I knew used to say -Looking good is good business and she was right. 
Investing in yourself is never a bad idea or bad investment because you have to view yourself as a "Car" and ask yourself this - If you don't take your car for its monthly MOT checkup, and you just keep it running without checking for damages, what would happen to that car in a long run? This is how the body works, it carries us everywhere, we do everything with it, we eat and deposit certain toxins into our body, then it does its best to detox but sometimes it needs that extra boost and this is where YOU come in.

If whatever you do in life doesn't nourish your skin or soul, please let it go. If it's a person then let them go, if it's an act you indulge in, and all it brings you is negativity, please let it go, don't make me have to cringe you out by singing "Let it go" By Elsa in the Disney movie "Frozen" before you hear me.

Back to my review...

In addition to the YUZA Products I wrote about in September, another product I have tried recently is the Ginseng Infusion collection.
Ginseng Infusion Beauty products from Erborian -Lotion(Pictured Above)
I love Korean culture, and I can't say this enough, so any opportunity to try their products Is gold to me, I better be Korean in my next life lol. 
Do you know what GINSENG is or what it does to your skin or health?
Ginseng can help slow the loss of collagen, helping the skin retain elasticity. Ginseng root has so many compounds, it can aid most skin types in improving dullness to puffiness and because of its antioxidant qualities, it is particularly good as part of an anti-aging regimen. The regenerative effects of ginseng work amazingly as a complexion booster aiding in preventing photoaging and hyperpigmentation for a glowing and youthful complexion. 
In addition to this, Ginseng is also known as the 'root of immortality,' it is a sweet, tonic herb widely used traditionally in many Asian cultures to treat diabetes, regulate blood sugar, as well as increasing immunity. It is believed to both stimulate and relax the nervous system and to improve overall stamina.
Could you imagine what a root|herb this powerful could do to your skin?.
Ginseng Infusion Beauty products from Erborian
How I Use It:
I apply the lotion in the photo above after my cleansing process especially after I use my dead sea mud mask, I realized a few drops goes a long way, it almost feels like a toner, I then apply the award-winning Super Serum , and lastly, the Tensor Effect Cream (My fav) - I know it say day cream but I use it at night.
After this beauty ritual, my skin is left feeling rejuvenated, silky, and soft, I just sleep so well which is something I sometimes struggle with- "good sleep" that is.
Regardless of your skin type, anyone can benefit from Ginseng, it's a natural skin balancer, because of its great list of benefits. It rejuvenates and balances your skin, stimulates collagen, reduces the appearance of fine lines, brightens the dull complexion and under eyes areas, and the list goes on! It's also Anti-inflammatory and a natural Oil/Sebum Balancer which I find to be very true and useful due to my very oily skin, I often throw a joke in the air during the hot weather and say "One could fry an egg with the amount of oil I have on my face". I love this product because It gives my skin a nice glow, All I do is apply a thin layer of foundation and you'd still see the glow on my T-Zone area #TeamOilySkin.
Please know that healthy skin is not an overnight process, it takes a lot of work, dedication, and patience. There will be good days and bad days, when I say bad days, I am referring to the day "Aunty Hormone" comes to visit bearing gifts e.g- Menstruation, PCOS, and Ovulation. Let's also not leave out these other visitors- Anxiety, Depression, Emotional stress, Pollution, etc.
So many things affect our skin and body appearance, so you must never be hard on yourself, do what you can with what you have, as long as it makes you happy just do it because when you are happy, your body, skin, and those around you respond accordingly. Remember the saying "Happiness starts with you", it comes from within you, and only you can make yourself happy, so never expect anyone else to do that for you.

Before I wrap up today's post, I'd like to share a review written by a friend and a lifestyle/fashion and beauty editor.
Beauty Review: Yuza Sorbet Night:
I have been using Erborian Yuza Sorbet Night for nearly two weeks but noticed the results within a few
days. The cream is light with a whipped texture and glides onto the skin and is easily absorbed with no
residue. It is slightly fragranced with a very pleasant hint of lemon sorbet almost but nothing
overpowering. My skin felt instantly moisturized from the first use and felt the same the following morning
after each use.
I noticed very quickly my skin had more of a natural glow and my complexion was smoother without any
feeling at all my skin was taught. Having continued to use the product I am incredibly pleased with the
results. My skin is very soft and has more of a flawless look with a pure-looking appearance and feels
hydrated both day and night.
The packaging is very eye-catching using black and yellow gold and the weight and embellishment on
the pot gives it the feel of a luxury beauty product.
This is most definitely a product I will continue to use and enjoy seeing the very natural feeling results
on my skin
Melissa. W
Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle Editor
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