The Selfie Bag From Cotton Bag Co: A Goodie Bag With Tools That Will Transform Your Social Media Account.

The world of social media is changing and everyone is going crazy about the idea of having "The Perfect Selfie", well if you look at your photo gallery I am sure if you are like me you will be looking at loads of un-uploaded selfies either due to the fact you thought they were not social media worthy or something was off about it, or if you are also crazy like me and just love taking selfies for the sake of it then that's good too. However today I will briefly share a little tip with you on how to take the perfect selfie using the tools in this "Selfie Bag" from Cotton Bag Co, one other thing I love about Cotton bag Co, their bags are Eco-Friendly. 
Blessing your Instagram followers with a photo of your face is far more daunting work than it should be. Even though you look in the mirror and you are absolutely flawless, you'd notice that due to some strange, unflattering magic something weird happens when you flip to that front-facing camera, and you notice you got it all wrong (Life shouldn't be this hard right? lol). This Selfie Bag and its tools especially the detachable Camera button on the selfie stick comes in handy.
P.S: I was gifted this Selfie Bag in exchange for a review but all opinions are my own and this is an honest, unbiased review.
In order to take the perfect selfie or photo, You don’t need lots of fancy equipment and you don’t need the flashiest camera to do it, but you will need a few basic bits of kits, time and practice, and lots of imagination. People often take selfies that only include their faces. But feel free to take full-body selfies especially with the help of these tools in this cute Selfie Bag from Cotton Bag Co.
What's In this Selfie Bag:
Bluetooth tripod selfie stick: I have not really been a big fan of selfie sticks or gadgets but since trying this selfie stick I notice they have made it easier to take photos without having to hold the stick because guess what?, theirs is a Bluetooth selfie stick to connect to your phone. This selfie stick is perfect for group photos, holiday snaps, and for when you want to get your whole outfit in the pic. All you need to do is attach your phone by squeezing open the clamp, turn on your Bluetooth and you’re ready. There’s a teeny tiny detachable remote control on the selfie stick which you can leave attached while holding the stick, or you can remove and use the selfie stick as a tripod and take photos from further away.
Pocket for valuables: It comes with a cute round small purse-like bag. A reusable bag isn’t quite complete unless you have a place to hold your phone, keys, and money whilst out and about so worry not because they got you covered.
Pop-up reflector: A reflector refers to any object that bounces, or reflects, light toward your subject. The reflector folds up so you can carry it with you everywhere, and that’s part of the magic of reflectors: they’re extremely portable and take about two seconds to unpack. Why I like reflectors is because they let you control the quality and direction of the light hitting your face – even when you’re not able to adjust the main light source.
LED ring light: In addition to using the amazing reflector, try to give the LED ring light a go. This ring light easily attaches to the top of your phone, plus it comes with a lead to charge and has 3 settings so you’re sure to get just the perfect lighting, I love the second lighting option it's not too dull and not too bright.
Zip top: The whole bag and its aesthetic is a "Mood", Plus the whole bag has a zip across the top for added security so that you can be rest assured that nothing will come tumbling out.
I love this bag because you can use it for other things, Like adding your favorite novel into it and make-up, snacks, and your Selfie Tools for the perfect day out (selfies included).
The best angle for a selfie is the one that makes you feel most comfortable with your unique look.
When taking the perfect selfie, Here are a couple of selfie angles you can try: 
Pointing your chin slightly down and looking up at the camera
Turning your face slightly to one side (My favorite)
Laying down and putting the camera directly above your face
Looking straight on at the camera but slightly elevating the arm that’s holding your Phone 
Pointing the camera upward and looking down at it with your chin extended out slightly 
Additional Point:
Another reason I love the selfie bag: When it comes to taking pictures with friends, you don't have to be missing in action by being behind the camera, you could be chilling with your friends on a beautiful hammock, just pose, smile, and let the selfie stick/Bluetooth button do the work.
Get your Selfie Bag today here , Cotton Bag Co also stocks a range of other canvas bags.
Thanks for reading, please share with your friends and loved ones and enjoy your selfie experience.

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