Lifestyle: Happy Mother's Day To All The Queens Out There.

Okay, so I am not your typical girl with the same mindset as everyone else, the way I reason is bespoke and weirdly awesome. When I say Happy Mother's Day to all the Queens I am directing it at all the women in the world, whether they have kids or not.
The reason I generalize it this way is that I know for a fact that each and every one of us has shown love, care, affection, and support to someone out there or even a child, we have been mother figures and sources of inspiration to someone's child out there, you have performed a motherly duty in one way or the other to someone out there, I am also not forgetting "Dog Mums and Cat Mums".
It's a blessing to see women every day do their best to be the best they can be. Some are mothers to one & some to many. Some are grandmothers, friends, temporary guardians, or relatives that are playing the role of mom. You come into the office poised, with smiles & with your enduring love shining through.
To every female out there doing her best to hold it together, I want you to know your work doesn’t go unnoticed. Some of you are stay-at-home moms & some are working mothers. You each deserve a medal. You are superheroes above anything else. You hold it together through the roughest of waves and embrace the calm before every storm.
Looking for the perfect poem to send to that special mother figure in your life, I gotcha covered with something short, sweet, and beautiful.

Thank You
For all the ways you've cared for me,
For all the love you've shared with me,
for always being there for me,
thank you so much, Mom!
Thank you for the home you've made;
for moments of love, I'd never trade.
My life is so rich because of your part,
I love you, Mom, with all my heart.


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