Lifestyle: Few Of My Favourite High-End Perfume Picks.

Hi Lovelies, as you know I am a lover of all things beautiful, shiny, and glamourous. today's post is short, sweet, and beautiful, I will be sharing a few of my favorite perfume and beauty picks for this season. I love strong yet mild scents when it comes to perfumes, I get easily put off by over-empowering scents, those types that make you faint just by inhaling them (lol), I know a few people who enjoy using very strong perfumes but due to my nasal sensitivity, I immediately sneeze or just feel so irritant that is why I am very careful when it comes to selecting branded perfumes.
Please Note: I have not been paid for this post so please read it with an open mind as I share my love for these perfumes with you all.
COCO NOIR is the embodiment of a black that reveals femininity. The contemporary expression of a magnetic sensuality is told in a modern oriental fragrance with luminous notes. A radical creation. CHANEL has always entrusted black with an essential role: to highlight a woman. COCO NOIR celebrates this paradoxical statement by using a deep black to bring a dazzling femininity to light. A modern oriental fragrance with luminous notes. As a prelude, a vibrant, sophisticated burst dominated by Bergamot sparks curiosity. Filled with promises, a generous heart gradually reveals the striking sensuality of Rose and the remarkable note of Geranium Rose Leaf. A magnetic trail centered round Patchouli and Tonka Bean keeps the intrigue alive.
While it’s a strong and powerful scent, there are obvious feminine notes that creep through and linger throughout the day. It is definitely a heavier fragrance, that’s why I’d reserve this Chanel perfume for the evenings rather than a day scent. I feel as though the thick and luxurious bottle really communicates the fragrance for what it is. Strong with subtle soft edges of femininity.
Chanel’s perfumes have, over the last 20 years or so, getting sweeter and sweeter. Coco Noir is no exception. If anything, Chanel has perhaps intentionally created a very safe, mainstream perfume which is why I really love it.

Anna Sui Fantasia - for the unicorn-chaser (eau de toilette)
According to Anna Sui, this perfume 'speaks to the dreams and aspirations we had as children, that remain with us somewhere down deep, even as adults'. I think that makes for a lovely fragrance concept, especially since the bottle is already so beautiful and enchanting. The scent itself makes me think of a big basket of freshly picked citruses, with a hint of sugary sweetness. It's not particularly unique, but rather simple, likable, and easy to enjoy on any occasion. From the moment I laid my eyes on it, I just knew that I had to have it. I mean. Just look at this bottle above.
Just Cavalli Gold perfume by Roberto Cavalli: Sultry summer evenings are fast approaching and I am getting ready to explore this scent further you cannot be turning heads till you smell divine too especially while using this beauty! 
This perfume encompasses just everything a string summer fragrance should be – heady, sexy, and bold! In fact, without letting you know too many details, Like I said earlier, I am VERY finicky with perfumes. Just Gold had me at its base note – but after I had sprayed a bit on my wrist, and got on with my day, the aroma kept punching me in the nose and made me notice her deeper, It's to die for.
Estée Lauder Youth-Dew Bath Oil
According to Estée Lauder, This bath oil is absolutely captivating, with opulent flowers, rich spices, and precious woods.
It has been called one of the sexiest fragrances ever created, and more than 50 years after it was launched it continues to entice with its sensual, yet timeless appeal.
This Bath Oil is the remarkable formula that started it all. Pour out a few drops as you draw your bath for a relaxing treat, or simply wear it as a fragrance.
The Inspiration:
"Women still like to feel beautiful, pampered and loved, and that is what Youth-Dew is all about." - Estée Lauder, Founder
Estée Lauder wondered why women relied on the men in their lives to buy the perfume. And why they reserved fragrances only for special occasions. To change women's minds and forever change the world of fragrance - Mrs. Lauder created Youth-Dew Bath Oil in 1953.
Captivating, rich, and exceptionally lasting, women bought it for the bath, but, as Mrs. Lauder predicted, soon began wearing Youth-Dew as their fragrance as well. Because it was sold as a bath oil, not perfume, women felt free to enjoy and wear it every day. Instead of using Youth-Dew by the drop, women used it by the bottle. Men loved it too, saying it was "simply the sexiest fragrance ever."
In a nutshell, all I can say is this oil is so delicious, a truly superior treat. I am skeptical when it comes to selecting bath oils but this bath oil is absolutely superior to anything else I have ever bought, another added bonus was that the next day my bathroom still smelt of this delicious nectar.


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