Lifestyle : Quick Homemade Bresaola Recipe.

Eating healthy is becoming more and more trendy-and for good reason. Abstaining from eating meat, dairy and eggs may help you lose weight, have a healthier heart, and live longer, however, there are some meats or form of meat that makes eating meat worthwhile, so why not indulge yourself every once in a while?
Ever heard of Bresaola? It’s a salt-cured beef item. It’s a very old food specialty in Italy. It is actually an antipasto, which is Italian for an appetizer.
It’s less fatty, which means it's more healthy. Bresaola is made from a single muscle of the beef. It’s a safe food choice as the inside of the meat never gets exposed to the air, which keeps the chances of bacterial infection low.
Ready in 10 minutes
Serves 2 people
Italian Bresaola
Sweet thinly sliced beets
Pea Shoots and Baby leaves
Vine Tomatoes
Black Pepper
  1. Washing is important: Wash your hands first, then the vegetables to get rid of excess dirt/pesticides, etc.

  2. Slice your beetroot, cucumber (feel free to add carrots and other vegetables of your choice)

  3. Get the Bresaola out of the pack. Place it on a hot pan ( I used a grill pan for mine) added a little bit of olive oil and a little spice of my choice to it just to give it that extra taste. (I am a bit fussy you see), I drizzled a little manuka honey on my beef.

  4. Placing/Presentation, Place a few Bresaola slices on a plate, add the vegetables and other items you want on your plate, and voila.

  5. Bon Apetit.


From a nutritional point of view, it's also rich in proteins, iron, and minerals. For this reason, bresaola is an ideal ingredient for a balanced diet, as well as for anemic women or during the menstrual cycle.
It’s dried over three or four months before finally released for the packaging method. It's, in fact, one of the few cured types of meat allowed due to the absence of fat, which makes it a lean cut.
There is something really unique about its taste. Bresaola tastes great when it’s plain. Some people like to eat it at room temperature or lightly chilled.
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