Quick and Easy Tips On How To Take Aesthetically Pleasing Instagram Photos.

I know many of you have been there, and you have often wondered when you see those aesthetically pleasing images while scrolling through your feed, you'd stop and think to yourself -How did she do it? did she hire a photographer? is she using the same phone as Doctor Strange or Aqua Man? is she using some kind of magical technique or equipment to angle her camera?. I have a simple answer for you and that's NO!. A few people have asked me in the past how and what app I use in taking photos, some wonder what kind of latest phone is she using? lol. 

The secret is simple - VISION (With a hint of patience, creative planning, and DAYLIGHT) and a Simple android phone.
So, without further ado, here are simple visual tips to transform your photos from ordinary to extraordinary.

1) Vision: What result are you aiming for? what kind of look do you want to achieve? Are you trying to create a colorful photo or something more toned down? Once you are able to decide what kind of final result you want to achieve the rest is easy.
Start with a background and foundation
2) Daylight: This is perhaps the most important thing you have to remember when it comes to taking photos. Good lighting can make or break a photo, so you need to maximize natural light as much as possible. Avoid taking photos in the dark if you can, don't be fully reliant on the flashlight of your camera as it reduces saturation and reduces the quality of the photo most times leaving it looking pixelated. 

So Linda, what's the best time to take photos you ask?
Aim for morning time, I'd say as early as 9 or 10am in the morning because the sunshine is bright and perfect.
3. Add Elements: For this photo, I used about 5 Items:
White|Ivory lace cloth.
A Dior Book
Artificial Lavender Plant
Mini Perfume Bottle
4. Angles: We all know aesthetics is the je ne sais quoi of the photo, having a concept is like having an artistic identity, and creating a great photo is painting a great piece of art, you have to visualize your end result before you even start clicking away with your camera. Know your angles, take different shots from various angles until it resonates with the idea you have in mind, and feel free to bend, squat, twist, and turn when trying to find the best angle because once you find that angle that will make people turn their screens to admire your photo, it's such feeling.
Carefully place your items but do so without thinking too much, without trying to compare your photo to someone else's, and be unique with your style so that when people see your photos around the web they can link them back to your brand or platform.
It is important for artists to have their own style or niche because it sets them apart from the rest.
I often see people trying to create an exact copyright version of a photo they have seen on Instagram but there is nothing more embarrassing than crossing paths with the original source of inspo.
I have seen this embarrassing and cringing situation before when a dear friend created a photo she found on Pinterest, she loved the photo so much that she purchased all items in the photo, it was however cringey when the algorithm somehow suggested the original photo as an Image I may be interested in, I immediately sent her a screenshot and couldn't stop laughing.
Add details of your choice, and don't hesitate to experiment with accessories.
Coming up with different unique concepts for your photo is important, it's also optional if you are not trying to maintain a theme or running a blog, etc, But if you are a fashion, beauty, or lifestyle blogger using Instagram to represent your brand or platform then when you come up with great photo concepts people will think you are taking your craft seriously. In a way, you become more reliable and respectable.
5. Use Blur: There is something about this very simple but popular effect, every phone has it, some people see it and just ignore it but fail to see it can give your photo that ethereal yet romantic or should I say sensual feeling.
It's like wearing a silky robe and walking down the stairs slowly trying to show off your newly waxed toned legs (lol)... I am sorry I play too much but you get what I mean.
Give it a try and you will see what I mine.
Brand recognition or brand awareness refers to how well consumers are able to remember or recognize a brand in different situations. As I mentioned earlier, the more well-known your unique photo aesthetic becomes, the more easily people will be able to recognize it and think of your name when they see your photographs out in the world or reposted on social media.
Taking photos from various angles (using blur effect)
That's all folks, I hope this simple visual demonstration was able to give you a clear understanding of how quick and easy it easy to deliver a lovely Image without having to spend loads of money.

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