Lifestyle: The Magical Benefits of Using Lavender.

I am back again my darlings, with a little post about "Lavender" and its magical uses. It's no secret that I love experimenting with enchanted plants and essential oils, as well as engaging in magical rituals that bring happiness into my life.
The Magical Benefits of Using Lavender.
Lavender's beauty is found in both its rich purple colours and its inherent ability to cure when used as a natural remedy. Lavender is a favorite among health-conscious people like myself as the usage of essential oils gains popularity due to its adaptability and nice, relaxing fragrance. Personally, I use lavender for cleansing, healing, and detox. I love burning dried lavender from my garden as incense, also during my research as a qualified naturopath and aromatherapist, I discovered that we may access a plethora of advantages that can support healing, cleansing, and spiritual development by including lavender in our spiritual practice.
The Magical Benefits of Using Lavender.
Intentionally diffusing lavender in your space sets the intention for a calm, grounded energy before performing any sacred rituals, such as creating art, working, studying, practicing yoga, saying prayers or affirmations, chanting mantras, using tarot or oracle cards, forming a circle, or saying prayers.
The Magical Benefits of Using Lavender.
Even just the aroma of lavender can help relieve sadness and reduce tension and anxiety. The oil is a herbal sedative and relaxant since it communicates a relaxing message to the brain. I personally spray myself during the day to improve beta strength and experience a general sensation of optimism and tranquility by combining water with just a few drops of lavender in a spritz bottle. It's such a mood booster especially with the universal energy drop lately due to several culprits like the ongoing war, negative friends or colleagues, stress, etc, I noticed that stress is one thing we surely cannot avoid no matter how hard we try to stay calm and grounded there is always something coming to shake you up, that's why I keep a bottle of homemade lavender spray with me.
The Magical Benefits of Using Lavender.
Lavender is a wonderful nerve relaxant and pain reliever because of its relaxing aroma. Many people who experience headaches find relief from their symptoms by massaging lavender oil over their temples and the back of their necks. The scent and its anti-migraine qualities can work together to reduce discomfort and promote meditation.
The Magical Benefits of Using Lavender.
Here is another hidden magical property of lavender:
An excellent remedy for wounds, burns, eczema, and even dandruff is lavender, which is widely known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Apply a quarter-sized dab of coconut oil and a few drops of lavender essential oil on the problematic area and watch it work its magic. Lavender's natural antimicrobial characteristics help to decrease scarring and speed recovery.
Magical uses of Lavender
Can I just add that Lavender has a rich spiritual history and significance in addition to its utilitarian usefulness. 
Lavender is regarded as a sacred herb in many cultures and traditions, with spiritual importance and deep spiritual value.

Don't forget to drop a comment about your thoughts regarding the use of lavender, and if you have any more tips on ways to use lavender feel free to share it below.

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