5 Ways To Inspire and Love Yourself Unconditionally This Year.

The simplest method to inspire yourself and alter specific outcomes in your life is to "Unlearn" certain routines and beliefs you previously believed to be beneficial to you in favour of discovering fresh strategies for attracting beneficial outcomes.

I began this year with an attitude, and I'm making sure I keep to it since it's already working. I know we can't control or foresee everything that happens in our life, but we can try to manage how we react to these occurrences and convert a negative circumstance into something great.
In this post, I will be sharing 5 ways you can love or inspire yourself this year.

1. Pamper Yourself. Give Yourself Love.
Start with "acceptance" if fully loving oneself feels too far away. Be kind to yourself. When you find yourself criticising yourself, stop and start saying, "That's me, and that's okay."
It can be challenging to understand that merely existing provides you value in a society where worth is determined by appearance, income, and life accomplishments.

There is nothing else you require. You don't need to go above and beyond what you're doing or who you are right now. From the moment of your birth until the day you pass away, you have been and always will be enough. Every day, remind yourself that you are enough.
2. Don't Judge Yourself Too Hard.
At such an early age, we are trained to evaluate ourselves in relation to others. However, when you begin comparing yourself to others, you fall prey to rivalry, conformism, and a lack of self-worth. The truth is that your value is immeasurable and unrelated to anyone else's.

Judgment is merely another comparison technique, and the judgement we hold of others is a reflection of the judgement we hold of ourselves. So, whenever you catch yourself passing judgement on someone, try to think of methods to show them compassion. You'll probably discover that giving to others makes it much simpler to show yourself compassion. love and understanding.
3. Show Yourself some Respect and Set Healthy Boundaries.
Not everyone should have access to your personal space or let me put it this way- be careful of the people you allow to take up mental space in your life.
Any good partnership, friendship or relationship requires mutual respect and imposed limits. Therefore, have enough compassion for yourself to tell those around you what is and what isn't okay with you. It's important to establish healthy limits, so don't be hesitant to say "No" when you really mean it.
If you are like me then saying "No" makes you feel guilty, or it makes you feel like you are not being fair or kind, but over the years/months- I have learnt that saying "No" is actually a good way of setting healthy boundaries for yourself and not pushing yourself into a depressed state just because you are trying to please everyone.
4. Make some good personal quality time for yourself.
Any relationship, even the one you have with yourself, benefits from quality time. Spend some time enjoying the things that truly make you happy.
Spend some time figuring out how to enjoy your own company. Go to the movies, do yoga, prepare your favourite food, or just relax on the couch with your favourite book. The key is to make time for yourself. Pre-book a beautiful getaway for a few days and just allow yourself to feel free and loved.

You do not need to have a reason to spoil yourself, you don't need to wait for anyone to do it for you, If you can afford it, then go for it. Live life to the fullest, regret nothing and just allow yourself to be and feel free. Do whatever makes you feel loved and happy.
5. Be in the company of good friends and people who help you feel elevated.
The companions you choose to surround yourself with have a significant impact on your life. If, for example, you are frequently around folks who like idle chatter, nagging, comparing materialistic goods, and putting others down, guess what? You will keep drawing that kind of energy into your life. It's time for a change if you ever decide to say, "STOP," I want to turn my life around, I've been doing the same thing over and again, and it always leaves me feeling hurt, used, or abandoned", If you often find yourself saying those words then a change is needed.

This year I did not hesitate when it came to tapping into the energy of the "New Moon". I work with the elements, I draw positive energy and outcomes from the universe because it sees my heart, mind and intentions and when your intentions for yourself and others are pure, the rest is very easy.

Choose to be the best version of YOU this year, forget about what other people think about you and only focus on what YOU think about yourself. Be good to others no matter what, and never pay evil with evil because it will only come back to you in three folds instead invest your energy in the company of good/valuable friendships.
When I started this post I wasn't sure what way I was going to go with it, along the line I figured it out because it's the same way I feel towards life at the moment. My year started well, mid-Jan had it bumps however I choose to turn it around and treat myself to a nice getaway for my birthday and it was worth every penny. I made sure I had good company and people who only dwell on positivity around me to celebrate with me Like I said in my New Year post - New Year, Same Energy, New Goals.

So take out that little journal/diary and start scribbling, write what you want to achieve by the end of this year, write down the things you wish to change in your life, write down what you want to attract into your life, and try to meditate on it daily or as often as you can and believe me when I say this - Visualisation is Realisation.

There are many more ways to inspire yourself and love yourself unconditionally, read books about this, and do some research, If you need that extra help don't hesitate to reach out to me.

I always love when you guys send me suggestions on topics you'd like to read about so please don't hesitate to email me, should you have a topic you'd want me to shed light upon.
You can reach me via - contact@lindaobella.com

Have a lovely day.


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Pantea said...

I love this post about loving yourself and I really appreciate the concrete examples you provided. I agree with you about the importance of pampering yourself and taking good care of your physical, emotional, and mental health. I also love your suggestion of surrounding ourselves with people who elevate us. I am dedicating time with my friends who bring me joy and nurture me and I've noticed that I feel significantly better.