Easy DIY Craft : How I Made This Beautiful Christmas Globe Decor.

Here is a little recap of an activity I enjoyed most this last Christmas; It felt so good to make a handful of these and shared it with friends and loved ones to add that little bit of my magic to their Christmas decorations. I will be sharing a picture tutorial with you today and trust me- No words needed!
Easy DIY Craft : How I Made This Beautiful Christmas Globe Decor.
Do-it-yourself, or DIY, is a well-liked pastime with many advantages for both adults and children. It fosters the growth of abilities, teamwork, camaraderie, confidence, and a feeling of achievement.  Additionally, by concentrating on your passions, DIY can elevate your mood and lower stress levels. It's also regarded as a kind of meditation because it improves awareness and focus: I think I enjoy the relaxing part of it the most.

Time To Unplug :
Finding methods to unplug is more crucial than ever in a society where technology is used constantly. Our mental health may suffer as a result of our lack of presence while we are engrossed in social media. Indeed, pleasure and maintaining awareness of the current moment are positively correlated, according to research by Harvard psychologists. Engaging in a do-it-yourself project provides an ideal chance to disconnect and concentrate on the mental and physical challenges of manual labour. I am an advocate of the phrase "Disconnect from everything and enjoy your own company", engaging in do-it-yourself activities is a good way to start and when it is done, you'll have something to be proud of and will feel satisfied with your hard work and devotion.

Art, crafts, and do-it-yourself projects are all great ways to personalize your environment. Nobody else owns the intriguing bespoke things you are making. It also makes it possible for us to connect with the things that are significant to us and that keep us alive. Furthermore, the creations you generate are unique reflections of who you are and they stay with you forever. The majority of the items in my home were customized by me, I love personalizing items around me, giving them a more intimate meaning, be it cabinets, stools, vanity table items, etc.

DIY PROJECT: Christmas Globe Decor (Picture Tutorial)

Easy DIY Craft : How I Made This Beautiful Christmas Globe Decor.
You can use any ornament of your choice for the internal decoration of the globe, I just used these items because they relate to Christmas.

I can't wait to see what you come up with, please feel free to email me me via contact@lindaobella.com
and I wish you all an amazing weekend.

Linda Bella

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