Bedroom Vanity Essentials: Tips On How To Create The Perfect Vanity Vibe In Your Bedroom.

How frequently have you imagined the ideal vanity? You've probably spent a good deal of time in a crowded, disorganized lavatory. You search in vain for your favorite skin cream as your makeup is dispersed all over the place. Why not reward yourself with the ideal vanity space you have always wanted?
Daily Essentials
It’s important to invest in the things we love and make us feel good about ourselves. Your bedroom is one of the most important spaces to invest in because this is where you go to rest at the end of the day. We spend so much time in there getting ready for the day or unwinding at night. It’s worth giving it a little extra attention to create a space you actually want to be in. 
A Comfortable Bed:
You'll sleep better and extend the life of your mattress by making an investment in a decent mattress and mattress cover. For the added sink-into-deepness element, you might even want to get a mattress topper. To ensure long-term health, try to use as many eco-friendly products as you can. We should spend a lot of time in bed, therefore when you're catching some zzz's, you want healthful materials next to your skin. 
Vanity BEDROOM Essentials
 Mirror Mirror On The Wall.
Mirrors really enhance the bedroom space. They are obviously functional and they also provide brightness and a new perspective to a place. They may be just as aesthetically pleasing as any hanging item of art. Additionally, they may provide the appearance of depth or an area other than the bedroom. 'Finding the correct place to hang bedroom mirror ideas can be tricky, as you may be limited to wall space due to wardrobes, windows, or a headboard,' says 
Jen Choate, Co-Founder, of Interior Fox.
Once you have located the best spot, consider scale and positioning, a common mistake is to hang the mirror too high, remember to measure before securing it in place.
Bedroom Vanity Essentials
Make a style statement above the bed
Most people would prefer hanging an attractive mirror above the bed as this will make a style statement, however, Feng Shui practitioners would advise against this. 

'I’d advise against having a large mirror above the bed as it is considered bad Feng Shui, so aim for something that is narrower than your mattress or bed frame, but in scale to the rest of the room,' says Ann Marie from AMC Design. 'Something too small won’t look right either, so experiment by cutting out pieces of paper and holding them against the wall so you can see the size differences.'

'If it’s less functional and more decorative, a mirror above the bed is perfect because it will bounce lots of light around the room and can be a focal point in the bedroom,' adds Abbie, Patrick Ireland Frames.

Personally, I prefer decorating with canvas, artwork, and items with interesting details. I can still remember modifying the canvas you see above my bed in my bedroom; it is the only one in the world with this color because I made it myself and added color and gold detailing; it stands for a special meaning to me.
Even if you’re not big into perfume, fragrances are also nice decorative accessories for vanity tops! I love using incense that invokes a positive feeling in my body, I love mixing certain herbs in my gold little incense burner and burning them together to create a zen atmosphere. I mostly use Patchouli, Rose, and Lavender: These three smell amazing and are linked to the Goddess of Love.
I also describe myself as a perfume collector, I like limited edition perfumes, anything vintage, and even from Dubai because the Musky scent is divine.
Tips On How To Create The Perfect Vanity Vibe In Your Bedroom
Add Reflection
Bedrooms are illuminated by glass and reflecting materials. Reflective splendour is also added by metallic elements. Both copper and gold tones as well as rose gold tones will be prevalent. A mirrored dressing table or bedside tables offer the extra glitzy touch your space needs to stand out when you accessorise it with them.
Lastly - Go Green or Go Home:
Deep green may have a significant effect on the smallest of details since it is such a gorgeous and rich shade. Try incorporating it into your house with throws and cushion coverings in the living room and pillow covers for the bedroom. In feng shui, green plays a very important role, just think about freshness, health, and vitality. Green is a color of -Wealth, Good fortune, Health, Abundance, and many more, So surrounding yourself with such a rich color will be beneficial to you and your mental health.
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