Lifestyle: Stylish Ways to Decorate Your Coffee Table To Soothe Your Home Vibe.

In this day and age, Coffee Tables have become a norm, we see stunning photos on Instagram, Pinterest, etc, It can sometimes inspire you to redecorate your home and space. Coffee tables present a perfect chance to let your inner interior stylist loose. In addition to that, A coffee table is definitely more than just stacking books; it needs to be welcoming and entertaining for your guests. I filled my coffee table with all my favorite things- It's no news that I love Gold, Buddha sculptures, and Fashion Books (I have read some of them I promise lol).
Creativity starts with the style and surface of the coffee table. You have to be unique in your selection, and then decorate it so that it tells a little story about who you are and what you love, I also make sure it is aesthetically pleasing and flowed with the room design and energy. (Remember my post about how to decorate your home using Feng Shui).
To make the style feel cohesive with the rest of your living room, stick to your color palette when choosing décor for the coffee table, I tend to vibrate towards Black, Gold, White, Green, that is why I always say everyone is different when you see a photo online do not feel the need to copy the exact same thing especially if it doesn't blend well with the surroundings, A coffee table is sometimes the first thing people look at when they step into your living room- that's why it has to be eye-catchy but also functional.
Here is a tip- If you're a fan of color, use your table décor to contrast other bright hues in the living room. While doing all these, make sure your coffee table is not cluttered, this way you can maintain the Chi flow in the home. In addition, For living rooms that are already styled with a particular theme, carry the look onto your coffee table for a cohesive finish. The photo above was taken by me in my IMVU home, and some of the deco was made by a very talented developer- PlugStyles, I was so delighted to see something similar to my real-life decor.
For a dynamic design, opt for decorative items of varying heights, shapes, sizes to bring depth to your living room, Since it's the center of your living space, the coffee table is a great place to display your favorite finds. Whether it's a unique vase, modern tray, an auspicious item, or sculpture, things you view as artistic and rare.
Having zen elements in your family room will help to balance the craziness and chaos that can happen there, Style it in a way that reminds you to take that deep breath and have a meditative moment to recenter yourself.
Decorating your home to have a Zenful feeling is the most amazing thing ever. In Japanese Zen means Meditation but in interior design, it reflects balance, harmony, and relaxation. Although zen is not a proper design style and does not come with a book of strict rules, it is often associated with minimalism, simplicity, and purity of lines. It is rather a way of arranging your home and creating an atmosphere that offsets the stress and hassle of your daily routine. 
Your home says a lot about you that is why having a zen vibe is crucial, Your home can showcase your personal style, highlight what is most important to you while decorating your space, remember it's "YOUR" home, and no one else's, so have fun with it. Bear in mind that your home can also help set the mood for the rest of your life and can be a representation of your own personal attitude and mindset, that is why it's important to incorporate items that represent you into your deco styling.
Tip for lovers of Small Coffee Tables, If you're working with a teeny tiny table, like a pouf, Or Stool limit yourself to one, maybe two items. All you need is a mini vase of flowers and you're set.
Large coffee tables don't feel so massive when you layer them on a tray. It helps breaks up the surface, making it look less scanty and more sophisticated, but remember when in doubt, keep it simple. All you need is a small vase of flowers to add some color and keep your space from feeling too stark.
The coffee table is the center of the living room. While it can be a landing space for remote controls and magazines, it’s also a place where your style can come to life. If you want to minimize clutter (and maximize space), stick to a small curated collection of coffee table books without any extra décor. It looks organized and clean without veering on boring or unfinished.
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