Interior Styling: Zen Up Your Home Office Using Feng Shui.

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Working from home has numerous advantages, including being able to organize your own time and staying close to your family. However, it also comes with a set of challenges, one of which is undoubtedly organizing your home office in a way that encourages productivity. The idea that the environment affects our mood, focus and performance is not something new. We can trace back its origins to the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui, which has the goal of harmonizing individuals with their surroundings. Here are a few ideas you can steal from this practice to get some much-needed Zen into your home office.

Cluttered office = Cluttered Mind

According to Feng Shui, clutter can drain you of your positive energy. Psychology also links this issue with the inability to focus, a constant state of stress, anxiety, and even depression. These are definitely not the feelings you want your workplace to evoke. So, the first thing you should do in your office is to get rid of all the unnecessary items (throw them away, sell them or give them away), and store the unsightly items far from sight. Make sure you organize the paper piles and books properly because items with sharp edges can provoke negative Qi (Chi) energy.
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Create boundaries

While your office is a part of your home, the two shouldn’t interact too closely to prevent distraction, confusion, and stress. Your work area should be positioned far from the bedroom, kitchen and the living room, or at least separated from these zones with room dividers. Further visual boundaries like different colour palette and lighting can help, while a square rug is believed to increase wealth.

Sit in the power position

The position of your desk plays a huge role in your productivity, according to Feng Shui. Your desk should be positioned in a so-called power position. This means it needs to face the door, while not being directly in front of it. Turning it directly towards an empty wall should also be avoided, as it blocks creativity. Now, it is understandable that in small spaces you have to make compromises with the desk position, but furniture pieces such as a functional rectangular flip top table can be useful, because you can fold it and change its position according to your needs, regardless of the spaciousness of your home office.
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Let the light in

Sunlight is the most potent manifestation of energy, and as such, it can do wonders for your attitude and motivation. Make sure your office is actually a room with a window. If the window is small and doesn’t allow enough natural light, you can remove the curtains. If this is not an option, you can try with the next best thing and get full-spectrum light bulbs.
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Use colors to affect the room’s energy

In Feng Shui, colors represent the five elements (earth, fire, water, wood, and metal). Each of these elements plays a particular role in creating the room’s energy. Here are some hints of using them:
  • Include earthy hues (beige and yellow) in the Southeast and Northeast
    area of the office for stability.
  • Make the fire tones (red, purple, orange) dominant in the South zone.
  • Water colors (black and blue) bring wealth, and they should be
    represented in the East and Southeast area.
  • Wood (green and brown) hues are linked to prosperity, and they should
    also be included in East and Southeast part of the room.
  • Metal (grey) is the element of stability, and it belongs in the
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Clear the air

Feng Shui insists on the quality flow of air in every room. For the home office, this is even more relevant, because you need to be able to focus and feel rested and energized while you are working. Unfortunately, indoor air is often packed with pollutants. This can be solved by natural ventilation (opened windows), an air purifier, essential oils, and of course, greenery. Besides being natural air cleaners, houseplants also contribute to minimizing stress and improving the mood.
A home office designed in accordance with Feng Shui principles inspires creativity, positive energy and productivity. Use these tips to create such a motivating workplace.

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