Lifestyle: My Tips On How To Stay Focused And Productive During This Lock down At Home.

There is no way one can blog a post these days without acknowledging the fact the world is not what it use to be, everything is changing every day, and people are having to find ways to cope and stay sane, and I have been doing more breathwork and meditations lately to keep myself calm and grounded.
There is nothing more depressing than dwelling in a home filled with toxic and negative energy, you have to mix things up, clear out dust and anything taking up unnecessary space, Now is the time to go into your "decor storage" if you have one and bring out those decors you put away and replace the ones you are using now with them so you don't have to keep looking at the same thing every day.
1) Get Up Every Morning And Get Dressed:
It is tempting to stay in bed all day or to remain in your Pjs all day, this would only make you feel more depressed and low, I know it is tiring especially with the fact that we have to Homeschool our kids while trying to maintain a normal life, challenge yourself daily by getting up early, have your shower, prepare your usual breakfast even though due to the food shortage people have had to readjust their menu, but in whatever you do try to stay strong, you are doing the best you can.
2) Set Up A Motivational Work Space In Your Home:
 Use a simple desk, your dressing table , your dining table or even your coffee table. You need to create a positive space that would tempt you into sitting there almost all day without feeling down or depressed. 
I would like to discourage you from sitting in bed or slouching about, you want to feel like a powerful Boss Queen Or King. You need to create a workspace that feels and looks beautiful but also functional. In a recent post, I mentioned my love for crystals and how certain crystals help you stay focused, I like adding crystals to my home office table that help me stay focused while studying.
3) Great Ideas Start With A Cup Of Coffee:
People say good ideas start with brainstorming, while great ideas start with coffee, I was never a huge coffee lover in the past, but I have noticed it is a good way to kickstart your day, especially when I feel low in energy, I think it's the caffeine though that's why I have 2-3 cups a week, once a day.

A quote caught my eyes today- " A Cup Of Coffee Shared With A friend Is Happiness Tasted And Time Well Spent", yes due to social distancing we can't hang out like we use to but this is the time to improvise, set up a date with your bestie over (Facetime, Skype, WhatsApp video Call), Use this period to patch things up with old friends, It's a time to let go of petty grudges and to reach out to people that would help you grow in life.
4) Maintain A Homely Environment:
There is nothing worse than feeling depressed and worthless in your own home, this is a time to crank things up a notch, Declutter, Organise, Keep the home Airy, Cleanse your home with Sage "Using Smudging Techniques.
With everything going on in the world, there is a chill in the air. so make it a habit to open the windows letting in that fresh air because it will do wonderful things for your space. It will allow the air to circulate and breathe. Do you know that Fresh, natural air is good for the home and for yourself? that's why when anxiety kicks in, we are advised to go out for fresh air.
5) Gratitude:
If u think it is your alarm clock that woke you up this morning, try putting it beside a dead body and you will realize that it is the Grace of God that woke you up, so be thankful and know how lucky you are, stop comparing yourself to others and wondering why your life is not like theirs, remember everyone has their own journey and destiny, so live your life and do your own thing and stop trying to be someone you are NOT. 
I have spent this period gathering my essential supplies and talking to some of my Spiritual Sisters, True Queens Lift Eachother Up, I love seeing amazing women come together and making good use of modern technology and not engaging in idle gossip but using it to better themselves, we have used this period to research items that help us be better versions of ourselves and prepares us for whats's to come, I have seen so many conspiracy theories online and memes that spread fear and unnecessary panic among humans, my advice to you would be to take everything you see and read on the internet with a pinch of salt.

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Linda O Bella


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