Lifestyle: How To Maintain A Tranquil and Peaceful Vibe Around You.

It has been a little while since I last wrote anything. I guess I am not one of those bloggers who just write for the sake of writing; instead, I like to give everything I do careful consideration and gather all relevant information before I write a post. I wait for inspiration before writing a post, and if it doesn't strike, I put my attention on other tasks until I do.
How To Maintain A Tranquil and Peaceful Vibe Around You.
My dear friend  Leah Shoman Is the Author of Astral Realms Crystal Oracle Tarot Deck and the Crystal Rituals Book- See website
My crystals and Tarot card decks have been used a lot more recently by me (mostly for direction), and 99% of the time the results are highly accurate and help me make better life decisions. This piece is being written today because a friend recently asked me a really insightful question on a subject I find particularly fascinating: How am I able to maintain my happiness and grin in the face of the unpleasant things I've encountered? I had to admit that it wasn't always easy.
It all began with forgiveness (I had to extend forgiveness to those who had never shown regret for their actions against me), and I also had to accept the adages and teachings that stated, "It's not about me, it's about them" (How people treat you is their karma, and how you react is yours). Many individuals are quick to accuse someone of forcing them to do something, but we are all accountable for our own choices and should cease placing blame on others when we act or respond in an inappropriate way.
This takes me to the subject of our discussion today: How to Keep a Calm and Peaceful Energy and Vibe Around You.

In order to achieve a happy and beautiful vibe around you Think of where you’re happiest, and bring elements of that place into your home, It doesn't matter if that idea seems weird or silly as long as it makes you happy you should not care about what others may think about it.
If you are into crystals always make sure you cleanse your stones using Sage, The Sun, Water, Full Moon, because crystals absorb the energy around you and in your home/surrounding, try to always create a serene environment this way you will be able to stay calmer even when things feel overwhelming. I love ROSE QUARTZ because It is a crystal of universal and unconditional love. Its natural beauty makes it a common talisman and a favorite among crystals. It is known for its great healing properties, rose quartz is one of the most valuable and prized stones among jewelry owners, modern enthusiasts, and holistic healers.
It can also be used for awakening sensual creativity and tender fantasies. It is an aphrodisiac that encourages passion and intimacy between you and your partners, also in friendship, it encourages a harmonious environment. 
A home is a place where you often escape after the stress of work or the hectic woes of life, your home needs to evoke a serene atmosphere and help you recharge from the day. Your home should feel like your refuge because it is where you should feel safe and relaxed when life gets overwhelming. Certain decorating choices help foster that sense of peace, and how you decorate a space can have a huge impact on how you feel while you're in it. 
A well-designed space filled with items you love can be calming and relieve stress, while cluttered rooms can have the opposite effect on your mood and mental health, and to achieve that boost of happiness and positivity, add in a few brightly colored accessories such as pillows or throws, Pottery in a favorite color, vibrant artwork, a jewel-toned vase, and other items of intense color can help attract the eye and focus the mind. I love anything green ( velvet), Gold shiny objects because I have a personal sentimental attachment to them, my love for beautiful things did not start overnight, I admire beautiful things because I know and have felt what it is to have nothing and that is why I am grateful to be able to surround myself with things and objects that make me happy.
Having too much clutter around is probably not going to do your mental clarity any favors. In feng shui, clutter is believed to take up valuable space that new incoming energy needs. We recommend making a habit of cleaning up your workspace each day ( Read More Here On How To Use Feng Shu To Boost The Positive Energy In Your Home).
Lastly, The entry and front door to your home represents the way you face the outside. It’s how the world sees you, like a first impression. Be sure to keep the area clean and clutter-free and learn how to activate your front door. The front door is literally and metaphorically how energy walks into your home, I am very knowledgeable when it comes to positive auspicious items that bring positive and vibrant energy into the home and I always make sure I charge them occasionally warding off any negative energy and intent towards me.
Let me just add this little tip- We live in a cruel world filled with people who dwell on negativity and always seeking ways to bring others down, but I always say you have to understand that the issue is not about you, it's about them, they are so unhappy that they can't bear to see others happy, they don't have peace or the ability to achieve inner peace so they lash out and try to take out their frustration on others, but all you can do is forgive them because forgiveness is not about them it's about you 
How To Maintain A Tranquil and Peaceful Vibe Around You.
Since we are on the topic of achieving a calm and peaceful vibe in your home, aside from the physical side of things which is the interior aspect, there is still the mental and spiritual side of things, try not to overlook this aspect, pay close attention to the vibe and energy of those around you.
I hope you enjoyed this short post and I am wishing you all a lovely week ahead.


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