Chummys Bakery : A Brownie A Day Keeps The Frownies Away. (Review)

Hey lovelies,
I have been naughty lately and Chummys Bakery made me do it lol, but I just had to try it and I might just open up a little space in my heart and dedicate it to brownies.
I am now feeling very happy I collaborated with Chummys Bakery to try these goodies in exchange for an honest review however, every view and opinion in this post are mine, and you know I will never let you down when it comes to taking aesthetically pleasing photos of "Food Glorious Food" to entice you further.
Ever heard of the quote- "Life is short, eat brownies first."? Well, I think that quote is referring to their delicious goodies. I am not 100% a sweet tooth, like many of you know I would rather eat homemade Ice-cream, cakes, cookies, pastries, etc, than buy from stores, that way I have control of what's in it and the sugar level however sometimes one has to practice what they preach like when I say " We rise by lifting others" and to support your local sellers and businesses. So here I am, the difference between Spammers or Clickbait ads and I is Authenticity.
In this post, I will be featuring photos of what's inside the box of goodies from Chummys Bakery If it has you feeling hungry or you are just a lover of sweet treats don't hesitate to visit their website and grab your box now!.
Before going any further let me give you a brief description of their brand:
Based in the West Midlands Chummys Bakery offer a wide range of delicious handmade cupcakes suitable for any occasion. Whether you are after birthday cupcakes, cupcakes for a baby shower, or corporate & branded cupcakes there will be a cupcake for your occasion.
Right, where were we? Oh yes...Let me introduce you to the one and only BROWNIE & COOKIE SELECTION BOX OF WONDERS, that left me nibbling on cookies even while I type this post,I will definitely be needing a good flush using lemon and ginger tea afterward :P.
Now, When I first opened the package I was greeted by a very delicious and inviting aroma, I fought the temptation to open it up immediately because I wanted to share it with my loved ones, which I did and they loved it, they are still loving it.
On opening the box, what caught my eye was the presentation, as you all already know, presentation is everything to me, it's like the saying goes- Your style introduces you when you enter a room without having to speak. I am all about quality over quantity but this box had both, there were a lot of goodies in it, and I did not know where to start, There was also a parcel in a parcel situation going on. (See image below)
Inside you will find 6 Brownies and 6 Cookies:
Lotus Biscuit Cookie
Triple Chocolate Cookie
Nutella Cookie
White Choc & Raspberry Cookie
Kinder Bueno Cookie
Milk Chocolate Cookie
Lotus Biscuit Brownie
Ferrero Rocher Brownie
Triple Chocolate Brownie
Nutella Brownie
Salted Caramel Brownie
Kinder Bueno Brownie
According to Chummys Bakery, All of their brownie & cookie boxes are Eco-Friendly. Inside you will find organic shredded paper keeping your cookies and brownies super secure and will come wrapped in greaseproof paper that helps keep them fresh during delivery, which is all then tied in a neat string bow for added security.
Important details about the Shelf Life of the delicious treats:
Cookie Shelf Life: Their cookies come delivered and wrapped in protective paper that keeps them fresh during delivery. Once arrived your cookies will keep longer if placed in an airtight container or in a cool dry place and can stay fresh for up to 2 weeks.
Brownie Shelf Life: Their brownies come delivered and wrapped in protective paper that keeps them fresh during delivery. Once arrived your brownies will keep longer if placed in an airtight container or in a cool dry place and can stay fresh for up to 2 weeks.
I am not going to write an encyclopedia about these treats, sometimes seeing is believing or trying it yourself is the best way to confirm how delicious these are. My favorite was the cookies, I love how they just crumble and almost melt away at the touch of your tongue, sometimes you buy cookies from the store and it's all chewy and stale but that was not the case here, these cookies were yummilicious, and my friends/loved ones loved it!
I loved how their brownies are absolutely perfect, with their gorgeous shiny and crinkly top which were so inviting, I'd have to say I had a good treat and I am entirely thankful to Chummys Bakery for this blissful experience.
So, Why not indulge yourself, or a loved one, treat yourself to some brownies or other goodies from Chummys Bakery, and order one of their delicious boxes filled with goodies, I am sure you will love it.
To see more, Follow them on Instagram @chummysbakery and Visit their official website 
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Zinny said...

Wow, this is Beautiful and Yummy 🤤😋 can't wait to try this soon

Annie Raizel said...

Beautiful Photos and Post, I want to make brownies like right now.
If I was in the UK I Would be ordering from them straight away, I don't suppose they ship to Australia? :P x