Beauty Tips: How To Achieve A Brighter Smile At Home.

A smile is your best accessory, Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful. I always say life is short so we should spend time smiling while we still have teeth in our mouths lol.
Do we really know how important a smile is to us and to others? Do we know that sharing our smiles with the world is a symbol of friendship, peace, and harmony? I am not saying we need to walk around, teeth spread wide looking like Jim Carey in the movie "Mask" lol, but sometimes finding a reason to smile can help uplift your current situation.
Today I will be sharing my top 5 ways to achieve a brighter smile;
1. Be mindful of your drinks
Anything that stains a white shirt like coffee, tea, cola, or red wine can also stain your teeth. Try to cut back if you drink these every day. And rinse your mouth with water when you're finished

2. For the ladies- Makeup Tips for Whiter Teeth
Put on lipstick or gloss in a shade like cherry red, wine, berry, plum, or rosy pink. The blue-based or pink-based undertones will make any yellowish tones in your teeth less obvious.

3. Brush, Floss, and Rinse:
Follow the basics of good dental hygiene for a dazzling smile. Brush your teeth twice a day better yet, after every meal. Replace your toothbrush every 3 or 4 months, or earlier if the bristles start to fray.
Floss at least once a day. Rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash to fight plaque and to keep your breath fresh. See your dentist for a professional cleaning regularly.

4At-home teeth whitening
You've got plenty of choices to brighten your teeth without a visit to the dentist's office.
Whitening toothpaste removes surface stains with gentle brushing.
Try whitening gels, pens, rinses, strips, swabs, and trays to help you achieve this or you can try the whitening kits from Diamond Smiletheir products are peroxide free, I know most people prefer a little amount of peroxide, however, I do have sensitive teeth and gum, I am very hesitant to try certain kits but I can say Diamond Smile know exactly what they are doing and trying to achieve, which is to help us achieve bright smile in 10 mins.

5. The benefits are enough to make you smile.
Turn up the corners of your mouth into a grin when you’re stressed and you’ll feel calmer.
Smiling lowers blood pressure and releases the body’s natural painkillers. When you smile, people like and trust you more. They also think you’re younger than you are.
In addition to the fact that smiling is definitely one of the best beauty remedies, having a brighter smile helps boost self-esteem and confidence.
Do you ever look at people who seem to have it all: gorgeous clothes, loads of friends, and a beautiful Hollywood smile, and think I want that same smile too, erm No you don't need to feel that way.
Why do I need to go to an expensive dentist in LA to get such a gorgeous smile when I can just do it myself at home (with safety precautions of cos) and so can you.
As I mentioned briefly above, I am not a huge fan of teeth whitening, I have tried it in the past, but due to my sensitive teeth/gum I had to avoid doing it for a while, thankfully we live in the 21st century, a time when huge advances in dental techniques, materials, and technology have been made. As you can see the world has evolved and some clever minds have come up with teeth whitening kits that are "Peroxide free" which is a different ball game from when I used to try teeth whitening at the dentist or even at home and my teeth/gums would feel like someone just had a car race across my teeth and gum.
This is where Diamond Smile come in, It maybe not be the whole Hollywood package, but the brilliant white teeth are possible. Like I said earlier, over time, teeth get stained from different foods, drinking tea or red wine, or even from smoking. But there is no need to feel self-conscious when you smile if you pay close attention to your dental hygiene.

A brief bio about the company:
DiamondSmile® is a German company selling teeth whitening products for your perfect smile. We want to become the best and most reliable distributor of teeth whitening products in Europe, giving everyone the opportunity to have a natural, white and bright smile.
We are a small and innovative start-up with regional roots. Our team consists of highly motivated young people, who all have a special interest in dental and oral hygiene, as well as bright white teeth. We work only with experts and are fascinated by innovative and high-quality tools that allow you to wake up every day with a white and bright smile. That is why we offer everything related to white teeth, a bright smile, and dental and oral care. In addition, all our customers and members of our community receive important information and tips on these topics for free.
See more via their website, follow them on Instagram here.
Good oral health must come before beauty, but, oral beauty can help your oral health, so it’s a win-win situation don't you think?
As I write this I am reminded of a quote; “Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.” 
– Connie Stevens
So why not give it a try today and see if it alleviates your mood especially if you are able to achieve a brighter smile while trying the risk-free teeth whitening kit, technique from them, or your preferred brand.
Don't forget to smile after reading this and please email me your reviews and tips on how you achieve a brighter smile.
Follow me on Instagram @lindaobella and a Bonus goodie for my readers, If you are interested in purchasing from this company here is a discount code "LINDA20" that gives you a 20%  discount on your purchase.
Have a great day.
Linda O Bella

These statements are not meant to replace the advice and medical attention of a licensed healthcare professional, Dentist or your own research. Not intended for use on small children. If you are pregnant, nursing or under the care of a physician please consult your physician before trying any products. For external use only. Individual results may vary.

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