Merry Christmas: Wonderful Tips On How To Stay Happy During The Festive Season.

 🎄⛄Christmas is not just about what's under the tree, it's about who's gathered around it, The way you spend your Christmas is far more important than how much you spent getting ready for it, Some people could spend a fortune and still be so moody and unhappy on that day, It's all down to the vibe and energy around you on that day that's why I say Christmas is not a season, It's a Feeling.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ahead.
Merry Christmas from Linda Bella
It's been a little while I know, and I apologize. However, I must confess I am grateful to a few of my readers for the continuous encouragement and support I receive via email, I was in fact overwhelmed to receive loads of feedback regarding the previous post I wrote about -Giving the gift of your absence to those that don't appreciate your presence. It was wonderful to learn that it was appreciated and you could resonate with it, I will endeavor to write more lifestyle-related posts such as this.
While the holidays are meant to be a time of joy, enthusiasm, and excitement, they may also add to stress levels, cause disappointment, and make people feel lonely. Given the economic difficulties on both a financial and emotional level, many people will find this year to be particularly challenging. When you feel this tension, keep things simple, take care of yourself, and seek out friends and family. This post is about learning how to maintain a positive and happy mood during the festive season -(Well this is my personal practice and I am sure you could learn a thing or two).
The number one tip I would love to share with you is to Make sure you Connect with the right people. Surrounding yourself with positive-minded and supportive friends or family members is a good way to alleviate your mood. In this day and age it's very rare to find good friends but when you do, cherish it, nurture it, and know that friendship goes both ways and it's not just about the other person or what you can get from them so that in time of difficulties you both will be able to help each other out of that situation.
Merry Christmas- Tips on How to stay Happy
Keep things simple: Don't over-exhaust yourself trying to be perfect or make this the most perfect holiday ever, my darling let's be realistic- this year has been tough on many people with the rise of living costs, it's hard enough to pay bills so you must not over stress yourself trying to impress anyone. When it comes to Christmas it's about the thought because Christmas is a feeling, not just a season. I always say why wait for one day in the year to give a gift to others, learn to show gratitude, and appreciation every other time as often as you can. I feel it's the pressure of social media, everyone trying to be something they are not and then they end up going overboard with the spending in a bid to compete with the next person. You'd see hashtags and captions like " Your neighbor could never", "My tree is bigger", "Can't touch this "etc and it really makes me sick to my stomach because it completely takes away from what Christmas truly is about.
Christmas is about enjoying the little things, appreciating the little moments, and being present.
Christmas Photo
Self Care: Spend some time on yourself and look after your spirit. Try to stick to your regular schedule. Limit your consumption of alcohol and caffeine. Consume wholesome and nourishing meals.
Get adequate sleep; it's important for our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Get moving, stretch, go for a stroll, and get some fresh air by being active. Even 15 minutes can have a significant impact. Last but not least, try taking three deep breaths when you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed. It only takes a minute, and your situation will instantly appear less severe or less worrying.
Christmas Tree, and Quotes
Laughter: It's true that laughter is a soul-healing action. I have to say that this year has offered me a variety of experiences, many of which have brought tears to my eyes, but that doesn't mean they are all terrible. Tears are excellent because they demonstrate that you are having a human experience and provide a means of expression for your emotions (other than chopping onions, of course) After a good cry, give yourself permission to move on. Then, try to recall the item, person, or circumstance that always makes you grin, and allow yourself to enjoy a little. Think back on wonderful occasions and recollections. Sometimes it doesn't matter if you're still in touch with or connected to the individual who once brought you joy or smiles; instead, it's about the "Memory" and that's why there is a saying that goes "Never regret anything that ever made you smile or laugh".
Make A List: We often tend to over-exaggerate the negative and under-accentuate the good things that happen to us. But taking the time to write down all that’s sweet in life can really boost your mood. Learn to stop dwelling in the past and thinking bad or negatively about others because those thoughts will become your reality. Those negative thoughts will turn you bitter aka "The Grinch". So try to remember that good and only good will come to you. If you put out animosity then you will attract negativity to yourself.
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Add Yourself to Santa's List: As you’re out doing good to others, and spreading Christmas cheer, don't forget to spread some to yourself as well. Buy yourself a gift. Make it meaningful. Enjoy it. Be grateful you can afford it (no matter how inexpensive it may be). Have fun with it. And then believe you were worth every penny you spent on yourself. Never let anyone make you feel inferior about yourself without your consent. You also deserve the same love you try to give everyone else.
Become Secret Santa: I love this one - Bake some cookies or cakes. Get some cute mini cards. And start secretly making your neighbors happy. Put a plate of cookies on a doorstep or put Christmas cards on the windshields of cars in your community. Or, if you're feeling friendly personally deliver the cookies or cards to your neighbors yourself. One thing about making others happy, it helps you feel happy and warm on the inside, Just seeing that smile on someone else's face and knowing it's because of you, is such a wonderful feeling. I am grateful I was able to make a few people happy this year by surprising them with little boxes of goodies.
I received a lovely hamper of goodies but I had to make sure I split it in half and shared it with a lovely friend of mine, she was excited and emotional when she got the text to come pick it up,I was so happy to see her smile.
Be the good you wish to see in the world.
Merry Christmas
I hope you have enjoyed this post, I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year ahead. I will try to post frequently, but like I always say, When it comes to my blog I go with the vibe and energy I get, this is what motivates me to post. I try not to post about the little things or just any trending topic, to me, this blog is like a personal diary to enable me to share my thoughts and experiences out loud with you all.
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