Lifestyle: Tips On How To Live Your Best Life Starting Today.

When I started this post, I hadn't decided on a topic, as always I figured I'd just go with the flow of my fingers, like I always say "Trust the vibes you get because energy doesn't lie". Have you ever sat down alone and suddenly realized that there are countless reasons to be joyful and grateful? Unfortunately, many individuals in life deny themselves of these emotions by clinging to unimportant things and grudges. I often find it heartbreaking to witness this on a daily basis as a spiritual and holistic healer, therefore I make sure to constantly advise my loved ones and personal clients to let go of the things that prevent them from experiencing inner peace. -Stay with me on this and don't forget to share this post afterward because someone does need to read this.
Tips On How To Live Your Best Live Starting Today.
When we hear the saying -"Live your best life", many assume we are making reference to spending a ludicrous amount of money on travel, luxury, and lifestyle, however, in my dictionary, it just means to do everything and anything to stay "Happy, Healthy and Hearty".  I will outline a few tips to give you a little nudge in the right direction, feel free to leave a comment or email me your thoughts, opinions, and any other topics you'd like me to write about.

Live in the present:
It could be harder than it seems to stay in the present. Because of our indoctrination, most people spend their time thinking about the past or the future. Your overall well-being and pleasure in life can be increased by learning to live in the present, I know it's easier said than done especially when we have responsibilities, bills, etc., but learning to enjoy the now, and live life like it's your last day sometimes is the best way to go. I used to worry about tomorrow a lot, I would ponder and stress about things that did not matter, and I had to take back control and distract myself through meditation and doing things that made me feel at ease. The best way to practice mindfulness is by observing our surroundings or by pausing to "smell the flowers." You may totally immerse yourself in your present environment and see things that you might have previously missed and this can be something beautiful, this saying can be interpreted in different ways, but I will help you simplify it - Focus on what you can control, stop trying to solve everything, stop pretending to be someone else, do you, be you, for you. Concentrate on your beautiful environment and if you feel it's not as pleasant as you want it to be, then change things around for you, and your tomorrow will thank you. (Did that make sense ?)
Tips On How To Live Your Best Live Starting Today.
Visualize and Get Clarity:
Visualization is a beneficial practice for living your dream life. It helps you to settle into a positive mindset and further establish what you want.
During visualization, you must choose your focus, imagine how you will feel once it is accomplished, and imagine what you will look like if given the position you want. This practice can be crucial to success. Since I started practicing what I preach, I have to say life has been easier, and more peaceful oh, and I felt more grounded. I no longer sweat the little things, don't get me wrong the usual human reaction is to stress about sudden changes, but once you realize you are beginning to spiral out of control with your thoughts, it's time to bring it back together.

Another helpful practice is "Meditation", If you are new to meditation, start slowly and ease yourself into the practice. Listen to your body and start with 10 minutes. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube to help you with this.
Tips On How To Live Your Best Live Starting Today. LindaOBella
Glow as bright as you want:
 No one is allowed to "dull your sparkle", absolutely no one should have the power to tell you how to live your life, what to wear, what to look like, how to dress, whether or not you should apply make-up,  never give away your power, instead surround yourself with people who want to always see you win, see you smile and be the best version of your self. 
Sometimes we are the ones who stop ourselves from glowing and living our best life because we think negatively about ourselves, we criticize our efforts (trust me I do this sometimes), but I learned something amazing recently, we have to talk to ourselves the same way we talk to our friends, choose kinder words, because "YOU" are listening. 
The more you are able to identify the little voice in your head that criticizes or questions everything you do, the more you can let go of negativity and create the life you want.
Tips On How To Live Your Best Live Starting Today.
Be Kind:
You should constantly be considerate of others since it will benefit more people than just you in living a fulfilling life. Being nice may do a lot of things, like broaden your horizons, stop you from obsessing about the bad.

Kindness is free, it costs you nothing to share love with others or smile at a stranger you just might be brightening up their day, or helping someone in need. Having said all these, I will also stress on the importance of setting healthy boundaries and saying "NO" when necessary. I know you are asking yourself- But Linda you just said be kind right? Yes, you can be kind but you must also be wise in certain situations. 

If you find yourself saying "Yes" often especially when on the inside you are screaming "No", this is what I am referring to. Many times we find ourselves drained, diminished, and depleted trying to be there for everyone but ourselves, and in the end, we end up feeling bitter and groggy, so to avoid this adverse effect learn to say "NO" when it is in our best interest. If you can't be physically, mentally, and emotionally present for others at that moment, I want you to know that it is completely okay, and if that person is really meant to be in your life, then they will understand that you are having a moment and probably need space or time to gather your strength. I am very good with going on a Hiatus, I don't need anyone's permission to distance myself from others in order to heal on a deeper level and recuperate, that's why I only keep a small circle of friends who absolutely understand me without me having to speak. Many of them know what I am thinking, feeling, and saying without uttering a word, and most times they make me smile by just sending a simple text saying "Hi, just checking in, hugs and love" and to me those few words go a long way compared to an encyclopedia of selfish messages from people feeling entitled to my time and space, in situations like that, I just switch off and sometimes completely cut off from such people and that is alright too, it doesn't mean I don't love them, it just means I don't have the mental, physical and emotional capacity to handle that energy at that moment and so it has to be kept at a distance.
GoodVibes Only
As a conclusion to this post, let me say that I enjoy discussing topics that are relevant to our everyday lives because we often struggle and turn to the internet for support and to see if others share our opinions. One thing I always advise is to "take everything with a pinch of salt," consider it, and then apply what feels natural to your daily life. Stop thinking that everything in life is about you; sometimes, people are simply going through phases that have nothing at all to do with you. In my opinion, the best thing you can do is to be present, and kind, and spread positive energy. Alternatively, you can remain silent and let them process whatever it is they are going through.

I want to thank you all for your continuous love and support, When I see the increased daily views on my platform, it means I am doing something right, though it does add to the pressure because I am not one of those bloggers that write every day, I just go with the flow, but I will do my best to write often.

Blessed Be.

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Anonymous said...

I do believe in being kind to one another. We talk about that a lot in church. It's more than talk, we must live it out. I treat others how I want to be treated. I am also learning to take one day at a time.

Janet.Barnet said...

I feel blessed to stumble upon your website,it's definitely a contrast to what I'd normally read but it throws you into a deep thinking situation. I have suffered from being entangled in bad and toxic friendships and relationships and I have to admit reading your post really hits a spot.