Lifestyle Tips On How To Make A Fresh Start In Life.

This is a topic I love to talk about, knowing when to hit the restart button on Life, some call it a "Factory Reset". In today's society, there is a widespread belief that happiness is the result of achievement. In order to appear successful in the eyes of others, people commonly focus their whole concentration on acquiring prestigious employment, investing in long hours, and achieving educational ambitions in the belief that doing so will ultimately provide them happiness and pleasure. An increasing body of positive psychology research refutes the notion that success comes first and pleasure follows, demonstrating that happiness actually fosters higher achievement and performance rather than the reverse.
Tips On How To Make A Fresh Start In Life.
My number one tip when it comes to making a fresh start is to find something or do things that make you happy, surround yourself with people who uplift you, and people who inspire you, and do the things that make you feel refreshed. When people are happy, they exude positive energy and are more likely to help others. Additionally, happy people are better communicators and have a bigger impact. You would have observed how happy you feel after an amazing, positively centered phone conversation with someone, especially if that phone call was filled with lots of laughter and wonderful memories. Laughter improves our health and boosts happiness. Crave friends who make you giggle or watch a Netflix comedy instead of filling your head-space with meaningless gossip or conversations that drain you - Remember my favorite quote 'Your vibes attract your tribe' and when you find your tribe -Cherish them, because they will help you on your journey. I have gotten to a phase in my life where I don't hesitate to distance myself from anything or anyone who drains me or does not value my presence in their life, not everyone is meant to be in your future, some people are just passing through and it's part of the grand design, never force friendships to happen, let it flow....
Tips On How To Make A Fresh Start In Life.
When you notice things around you are dampening your spirit or distracting you and not in a good way, try shifting your focus to the positive things because doing this can improve your happiness. 
Try out a five-minute gratitude journal and notice your mood shift this new month. If you have trouble remembering your dreams, try writing them down the moment you wake up. You might find that your recall improves and you feel more creative. I have been reading a lot more lately and I have to admit it has been the best distraction ever, my advice to you is to always try to make some new goals and make sure they're attainable. Once you achieve one goal, make another for the following week, and repeat the process the week after until it becomes a positive habit.
Tips On How To Make A Fresh Start In Life.
Another favorite practice of mine is because it grounds me, it leaves me feeling light and free, and I communicate directly with the spirits, universe, and my God. Meditation benefits include better mood, better sleep, a stronger immune system, lower blood pressure and stress levels, and a calmer mind. Another way to rest and feel renewed is going on holiday. If you're feeling strapped for cash post-holidays, make a small trip to a place you've been thinking about for a while.
Tips On How To Make A Fresh Start In Life.
Stop Procrastinating:
Make no excuses and don't waste time explaining why you haven't begun yet. Find out the true cause of the delay instead, then get to work right away. Simply starting anything is the greatest way to get started on this journey to a fresh start. I won't say this will be easy, but with consistency, you will achieve your goals.
Lifestyle Tips On How To Make A Fresh Start In Life.
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