Lifestyle: The Importance of Grounding and Unblocking Your Chakras.

Today's post is going to be a deep one, but it needs to be heard and shared. What you choose to do with this information is entirely up to you.  I woke up today feeling refreshed, and this was due to one of my spiritual practices last night. I want you to feel the gratitude you have for your body for carrying your soul through this life, allowing you all the experiences you have in this lifetime, and faithfully supporting you as you live in each moment. I might be a lover of beauty, fashion, luxury you name it, but when it comes to "Spirituality" -- It is the core foundation of my life.
The Importance of Grounding and Unblocking Your Chakras.
I want you to be in this moment as much as you can. Feel gratitude for everyone beneficial in your life, and allow their now-illuminated, glowing presence to encircle you. I had to come back to this paragraph to write this after I finished the whole post lol, that is life for you. When I started this post, it was meant to be either a brief write-up for my Instagram account or a short post via this blog, but going with the flow I have ended up writing more and I hope you have the patience to read and enjoy this post.

Practice "Grounding" in the morning when you wake up
Aim for sunrise. 
Drink a large glass of water.
Go outside for about 10 minutes and just admire the world you live in.
Be thankful for sunlight, for the sound of birds, for the air you breathe in.
Spend time in the moment, forget about the past and future worries, and try to concentrate on the present.
Shake off the unwanted energy.
The Importance of Grounding and Unblocking Your Chakras.
Learn about the importance of healing your chakras.
Since chakras do not exist in the physical body and cannot be seen or touched, healing chakras is more difficult than treating a headache or a swollen ankle. To activate and stabilize these whirling energy wheels, we must adopt holistic practices like meditation, mudras, affirmations, or chanting. 

If you want to find stability or gain control of your own life, chakra balancing can help you tap into unknown energy, awaken mental control, and gain optimal physical health.

As a certified holistic healer, I am grateful to be able to use certain practices to aid healing, grounding, wholeness, and stability, for myself and my loved ones.

Let me elaborate more about what cause chakra blockage or what slows down our chakras ;
Did you know that for us to disperse prana within a specific area, chakras rotate at a certain frequency? A specific element surrounds each chakra, for example, the earth element surrounds the root chakra. The chakra slows down when the element surrounding it becomes obstructed because it is unable to travel as freely. Numerous issues develop when the chakra circulation slows down because there is not enough prana dispersed throughout the area.

The best way to ascertain if your chakra is blocked is by paying attention to your body. Blocked chakras can show themselves in a variety of ways. An emotional imbalance can manifest physically as headaches, indigestion, and gastrointestinal problems, or negatively as emotions of insecurity, loneliness, jealousy, and greed.

The Importance of Grounding and Unblocking Your Chakras.
Another example would be if your Third Eye Chakra were out of balance or you were just dehydrated. Thankfully, obstructed chakras have obvious symptoms that are simple to detect with active awareness. It's also a good idea to become familiar with where each of the body's seven chakras is located, as the chakra that dwells there is typically connected to the region of your problem. For instance, a blocked Third Eye Chakra, which is situated in the centre of the brain between the brows, can lead to physiological issues including chronic headaches, blurred vision, and eye strain. 

A chakra can become blocked for a variety of reasons, but the most typical one is an unhealthy lifestyle. A blocked chakra is mostly caused by excessive stress, negative thinking, a lack of exercise, insufficient sleep, being around toxic energies, and an improper diet. 

Additionally, having too much of a good thing might lead to an imbalance in your energy body, which can have a negative impact on your health and well-being --Crazy I know right but it's true.

Your chakras may become hypoactive or hyperactive depending on one or all of these circumstances. Your chakra sends less or insufficient prana to the region when it is hypoactive. A chakra that is overactive or unbalanced signifies that excessive energy is pouring into one area, which disrupts the balance of the entire chakra system.
The Importance of Grounding and Unblocking Your Chakras.
Photo by the lovely Esther VerdΓΊ 
We have 7 main Chakras, and during my study to become an ND (Naturopathic Doctor)  and AT(Aromatherapist), I was excited to find out more about how the surrounding organs and glands have a close relationship with each of the seven chakras. A single hyperactive or hypoactive chakra can have a severe influence on your physical, emotional, and spiritual health by spreading to other chakras in your body. A blocked chakra may also trigger more severe physical ailments and mental health issues like sadness or anxiety if left untreated. Our meridians' (nadis') intersections are known as chakras. We actually have over 70,000 Chakras but our energy system is made up of seven primary chakras. Your endocrine glands are home to the seven primary chakras, which are energy centers.

So, how do you unblock chakras? 
You can unlock the 7 chakras in your body through chakra meditation, mudras, affirmations, pranayama, and yoga poses but my favorite is "meditation and affirmations".

Here are the names of 7 main Chakras:
Muladhara Chakra – Root Chakra.
Svadhishthana Chakra – Sacral Chakra.
Manipura Chakra – Solar Plexus Chakra.
Anahata Chakra – Heart Chakra.
Vishuddha Chakra – Throat Chakra.
Ajna Chakra – Third Eye Chakra.
Sahastrara Chakra – Crown Chakra.

My homework for you my dear readers is to seek within and find out more about your chakras and how to unblock and energize them, I want to read about your experiences in the comment section, feel free to email me too.

The world is filled with so much yin energy, and we must find a balance while protecting ourselves. I make sure my spiritual vibration is high and I make it a daily commitment to meditate and boost my inner strength to be able to deflect any negative energy around me or coming my way. As long as you keep your heart, body, soul, and hands pure, God and the universe will take care of the rest.
Once you discover that there is more to life than the little things people worry about daily, you will realize the great power within you, and you will begin to receive blessings from the universe after all there is a popular saying that goes "What you seek is seeking you". Live life without regret, never regret anything that once made you smile and happy, instead treasure that experience "the good and the bad" because they brought you to where you are today. Heck! the old me was filled with hate and resentment for those that hurt me, but years ago I surrendered to the path of light and decided to forgive people that were never sorry for hurting me, once I understood the meaning of forgiveness, everything else came into place. 
Once you feel balanced spiritually and physically, things will begin to manifest positively for you.
The Importance of Grounding and Unblocking Your Chakras.
I will drop my pen here today, and when the spirit flows again I will be back to write more, and if you love topics such as these please don't hesitate to let me know as that encourages me to write more about things like this.

I wish you all a lovely day, may all you wish for be yours, and may you receive in plenty all that you wish unto others. Blessed Be.

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The article is very informative! Plus it's very easy to read and understand especially to a new reader like me who doesn't know much about chakras. It's a great introduction, it feels good to learn more and it was fascinating to discover that blocked chakras can lead to physical illnessess. At first I thought chakra is just a mere energy circulating around the body. I didnt know theres more to it. Thank you for sharing!